Justice G. Chandraiah, Chairperson of SHRC visits DWAB, Blind School founded by blind for the blind

You cannot imagine the corona affected blind as no one goes to their rescue: Chokka Rao

Justice G. Chandraiah, Chairperson of SHRC visits DWAB, Blind School founded by blind for the blind
Justice G. Chandraiah, Chairperson of SHRC visits DWAB. Also seen in the pic is P. Chokka Rao.

Hyderabad: Justice G. Chandraiah, Chairperson of Telangana State Human Rights Commission visits DWAB, A Blind School Run by Blind on a surprise visit on Saturday. The DWAB—Development & Welfare Association of Blind, was started with a view to cater to the needs of blind community across the state without any discrimination of caste, community, sex and age.   On his visit, he enquired with the people behind running the organization and their wellbeing. 
Utilizing this opportunity, Sri Ponugoti Chokka Rao founder of the DWAB, which is running a blind school called Nalgonda School for the Blind explained the problems being faced by them.  DWAB, Chokka Rao said aims at the all-around development of each and every blind individual to make him/her a self-supporting and contributing member of the society. Today there are about 97 blind students with separate facilities for boys and girls.
Life for the blind during the Corona Pandemic is tough. As it is we need a helper. But, during the Corona times, no one comes to our rescue said Ponugoti Chokka Rao, Founder of DWAB, also all who is also the India General Secretary of All India Confederation of Blind explained to the SHRC Commissioner recommendation of District Collector VV Chandra Shekhar in 2019, District Collector Gaurav Uppal in the year 2017 and Local MLA urging state government in 2019 to help them etc.
If the blind affects with Corona, there is nobody to help us.  I am feeling more blind now than ever before, said Chokka Rao. Corona doubled our woes, he said.  
We need Government Aid to the Blind School.  Government is doing a good job, but there is a problem in implementation, he said.
Justice G. Chandraiah, heard problems being faced by them patiently and assured that he would look into them and help them get their problems addressed within 15 days. 
Appreciating their yeoman service, the guest assured the management a speedy relief from the state government. 
DWAB, the Blind School urges TS Govt to implement Persons with Disability Act 2016.
They also want grant in aid file to Government of India for the current year from the government released immediately.
We have also requested to implement the Persons with Disability Act 2016 immediately, duly insisting to appoint a disabled person as the Commissioner for Disabled welfare in Government of Telangana informed Sri Ponugonti Chokka Rao General Secretary in a press note issued in Hyderabad today.
According to the Act, the disabled person must be made its Commissioner. But, that never happened. The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 is not being implemented in the state, which should be done with immediate effect, they demanded.