Jayesh Ranjan launches World's First Smart Policing Robot


Seen a lady shaking hand with the just launched Smart Policing Robot.

The newly launched Robot is named after 26/11 martyr Hemant Karkare

H-Bots Robotics aims to produce 70 and will increase the production to 700 per annum by the year 2020

Hyderabad, December 29, 2017: A Hyderabad based Technology/Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence Start-up, H-Bots Robotics developed World’s First Smart Policing Robot. The Robot was formally launched in a function held in Hotel Trident organized especially for the purpose. It was launched by Mr.Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, ITE&C Dept, Govt. of Telangana on Friday.

The newly launched Robot is named after 26/11 martyr Hemant Karkare who lost life fighting terrorists during the 2008 Mumbai attacke. It was named after his loving memory. In future every Smart Police Robot produced by H-Bot Robotics will be named after brave Police Martyrs who sacrificed their lives serving the nation, informed Kisshhan PSV Founder of H-BOTS ROBOTICS.

At the launch Amigo Group of Thailand singed a MoU and exchanged the same with H-Bot Robotics to support them to the extent US $ One Million towards R&D to develop Rebot(Real Estate Rebot, a customized Robot for Real Estate Related Jobs). Chandra Sekhar Avvar, Chairman of Amigo Group and Kisshhan of H-Bot Robotics signed the MoU towards the same in the presence of the top official of the Govt of Telangana Jayesh Ranjan.

With their interests in real estate, hospitality industry, we are in immediate need of 100 Rebots, informed Chandra Sekhar Avvaru speaking to the media. Amigo Group has presence in India, USA and Thailand.

Addressing the 250 plus gathering who graced the launch Jayesh Ranjan said the hi-tech activities that are happening in Hyderabad send a strong message that the city is not only good in Software Development but also into Hardware Development. Robotics is an exciting area. Hospitals in the city are already using Robots for the surgeries. E-Commerce Players like Amazon and others have also deployed Robotics. It is a matter of time that other industries are also start deploying Robots, he said.

H-Bots will be testing the product in the field in next five to six months and assured to commercially deploy the Robot in the city by July, Jayesh informed.

Prior to the launch of the Smart Policing Robot, Kisshhan had a chat with the two days old Aryan, prototype robo, which said it was eager to look forward to the launch of Smart Policing Robot and would too happy to see it get married with Sophia, a female RoboCop introduced sometime ago in Dubai.

It is a life sized male Robot. It is a Beta Version Robot. It is a 100% Made in India Robot. All the components used are Indian. It is proud moment for all Indians declared Kisshhan PSV the man who conceptualised Robot.

It was in July this year we promised at the launch of Makers Leeway that we would come out with World’s First Smart Policing Robot, Kisshhan informed. Makers Leeway is one of our largest products launched in July this year. It is a personalized lab facility, prototyping solutions, PCB designing etc to individuals, startups and open to every robotics & hardware enthusiast to work on various ideas with a great availability of hardware components and research inventory. It was during the launch of this facility in July 2017 we informed in the presence of Mr. Jayesh Ranjan that we would launch World’s Second Humanoid Police Robot for commercial deployment in city. The Design of the Police Robot was unveiled by Jayesh Ranajan on July 4, 2017. In the process of developing World’s Second Humanoid Police Robot, we ended up coming out with World’s First Smart Policing Robot, informed Kisshhan.

Conceptualized by City’s Startup in Robotics space, H-Bot, this World’s First Smart Police Robot moves, recognizes people, takes complaints, detects bombs, identify suspects, interact with people, answers peoples queries etc

This smart Robocop with its autonomous physical presence interacts with its surrounding environment gathering data in real-time and detects irregularities without user interface without resting and operates at a fraction of the cost normally paid for technology, cameras, sensors and guard services. It is a security robot specifically equipped to protect and secure public and private areas such as signal posts, malls, airports, offices, buildings with public places.

It is a Smart Police Robot that is strict and sensitive, modern and mobile, alert and accountale, reliable and responsive and techno-savvy and trained, informed Kisshhan.

It can interact with public, take complaints, register them, can do audio and video recording. It can recognise voice, English as of now and in future it can recognise Telugu and Hindi. It has multi touch screen. The Robo has ability to do 360 degree eye level surveillance, face and gesture recognition, can suspect and identify, detect metals, monitor temperature and can control theft.

he first of its kind of Smart Robo Cop is named after dedicated police officers who sacrificed their lifes for our country. Every smart policing robot of H-Bots will be named after an ideal police officer. It has futuristic body design. It has inbuilt Artificial Intelligence. It has dual LED Lights, Thermal Imaging, Emergency Amber Flash Lights. It has automatic charging dock station. It can be deployd both for Indoor and ourdoor jobs.

According to Kisshhan, it can be deployed for security and law enforcement. It can be used in all police operations as an informant such as in traffic operatioon, support for SHE Team. It can be deployed in shopping malls, airports, bus stations, exhibitions, railway and metro stations. It can also be used as an assistant for database handling, control room surveillance, building space security, friendly interaction and mapping inside the building.

” The five-foot-seven bot, which weighs around 43 kilograms, is equipped with cameras and an array of sensors like ultrasonic, proximity sensors, temperature sensors, etc The bot also contains 24/7 connectivity, ensuring that the its whereabouts are known. Police can also tune into a live video stream as the robot makes its rounds. In addition, the robot also has the ability to communicate in six different languages as of now, english is already inbuilt and regional languages is under testing. According to Kisshhan, the Robot’s primary function as of now is “to assist and help people in the malls, on the streets, public places, airports, railway stations etc. We will work along with the various police departments in customising the robot according to their needs.

We worked on it for 6 months. 16 Members of H-Bots Robots Team has spent 1400 man hours to produce this Robot.

We have spent well over Rs 35-40lacs for R&D and producing this Robot. We will soon produce these Robots Commercially and deploy them. We have firm orders for these Robots for 20 numbers. And we are expecting more orders to pour in. These Robots will be made available for commercial deployment in locations in India and we will ship the robots to other countries by end of 2018. They will be available at Rs 500,00 to 20,00,000, informed Kisshhan.

Our target is to produce 70 units of Robots in first year and increase the production to 700 different robots in a year by 2020.

Giving more details, Kisshhan said, unlike the Police Robot in Dubai, which moves with manual functions, our robot can move automatically, recognize people, take complaints and diffuse bombs too. Our inspiration was this Robot in Dubai.

The one in Dubai was made in France and deployed. But, in this case it (ours) will be totally an Indian made humanoid robot.

We are building capacity to produce 70 such Private Police Robots which can be private security guards and can be deployed in Hotels, Hospitals and Offices, he informed for security purposes.

We will be able to produce 70 such Robots in a year. And our plan is to make them available at a price of Rupees five lakhs each. So that they are affordable by many, he told. Our dream is to make Hyderabad known for Robotics in the world.

We aim to make India as the largest robotics hub in the world and H-bots to be one stop destination for all Robotics hardware solutions.

Friday, December 29, 2017