JAGSoM partners with KEDGE Business School (France) for IBBA Degree

Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSoM) partners with KEDGE Business School (France) for International Bachelor in Business Administration (IBBA) Degree

JAGSoM partners with KEDGE Business School (France) for IBBA Degree
Seen in the picture among others are: Prof Santiago Garcia, Dr Atish Chattopadhyaya, Dr A. Parsu Parasuramam and Prayag Raj Tripathi.

Bangalore, July 24, 2022: KEDGE Business School (France) and Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSoM) at Vijaybhoomi University in Greater Mumbai, have jointly launched a 4 year International Bachelor in Business Administration (IBBA) program wherein a student will get an award of the degree from each of these elite institutions. This program has been designed especially by KEDGE and JAGSOM to offer world-class education in two countries at a price that is extremely affordable for Indian students and to provide an immersive and professional experience in two countries.

The official launch of the program held at JAGSoM, Bangalore was attended by senior leadership team of both the schools including Prof Santiago Garcia, the Vice President of Strategic Development of Kedge Business School; Dr Atish Chattopadhyaya, the Vice Chancellor of Vijaybhoomi University; Dr A. Parsu Parasuraman, Pro-Chancellor of Vijaybhoomi University and Prayag Raj Tripathi, South Asia Manager of Kedge Business School.
Speaking at the launch, Prof Santiago said, “The program aims to facilitate easier student travel between France and India. The curriculum has been set keeping in mind the changing world of today and tomorrow and gives a unique opportunity to acquire blended skills to succeed in international markets. Based on the unique pedagogy, 'learning by doing' the program provides promising returns, and we are sure of its success.”
Adding to it, Dr Atish said, “We are delighted to partner with KEDGE Business School for a program designed to meet the evolving needs of Indian students. With this initiative, we aim to polish students' skills enabling them to establish a career in business and open doors for them globally. The award-winning signature learning experiences of JAGSoM coupled with the ‘learn by doing’ pedagogy will transform students into sought-after and future-ready business professionals." 
The IBBA program commencing on the 1st of October this year will allow students to pursue two initial years of study in India at JAGSoM, Vijaybhoomi University, Greater Mumbai and the latter in Marseille, France. The dual degree holds the potential to provide two internships in India and abroad, alongside exposure to approximately 9-months of work experience. Both degrees are recognized by the educational authorities of India and France. The program promises students top-level higher education and global academic opportunities at the two highly reputed, internationally accredited, and globally ranked institutions.