It seems government has no sympathy with citizens: Sudhir Sharma

Says inflation reaches its peak and it seems as if government has no control over anything

It seems government has no sympathy with citizens: Sudhir Sharma
National Secretary of the Congress Party, Sudhir Sharma.

Dharamshala: In a press release issued by former State Minister and National Secretary of the Congress Party, Sudhir Sharma said that during the tenure of the present government, inflation has reached its peak. It seems as if the government has no control over anything. While people should have given relief during the Corona epidemic, the common man is being burdened with the extra burden. He said, ‘In the time of disaster like Covid-19, increasing the price of LPG, petrol and diesel shows that the HP government forgotten its sensitivity.”
He said that the HP government has not given any relief to the consumers on the electricity bills sent during the lockdown, while the huge electricity bills that came in the meantime should have been forgiven. During this period, the government has ended the subsidy of middle-class families, whereas everyone should get the benefit of the relief package. Meanwhile, the government has completely failed to control the rise in prices of commodities, pulses etc. provided by the cheap ration shops and to ensure the quality of food items. “There are hindered of complaints from several places of the state about the supply of poor-quality flour, on which action is necessary”, said Sudhir.
Sudhir Sharma said that if the government cannot do anything else, it should act to  curb rising inflation during this period, it should take immediate steps  which are directly impacting the common man, such as electricity bills, pulses Increase in prices, increase in water bills, increase in bus fare, everything should be controlled with immediate effect and the common man should be relieved of inflation , otherwise the public will be forced to come on  to the streets.