It is rare for an artiste to play three different characters at once

Says Dev Joshi on his look and character transformation on Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns

It is rare for an artiste to play three different characters at once
Dev Joshi in his three looks Baalveer, Debu Bhaiya and Nakabposh on Sony SAB's Baalveer Returns.

Baalveer continues to capture the imagination of millions across the country with his bravery and courage. While Sony SAB’s favorite superhero is winning hearts with his power-packed performance in Baalveer Returns, his recent look transformation has caught the eyes of all the fans and viewers.

Immensely talented, Dev Joshi is seen playing not a double but a triple role as he is seen showcasing three starkly different characters; superhero Baalveer, the humble and innocent Debu Bhaiya and a masked guardian of justice Nakabposh. These diverse looks and characters are only adding to his action-packed journey on Baalveer Returns. 

Speaking about his different looks and the respective characters, Dev said, “When I learnt that the story ahead would require me to portray two more characters, I was thrilled. This is a great opportunity for me to play with my skills. While the viewers are aware of Baalveer, his recent transformation to Debu Bhaiya was completely opposite in terms of the character’s personality and appearance.”

“Baalveer is edgy with new-age costumes and gadgets whereas Debu is the human, powerless form of Baalveer and unaware of the worldly threat of Timnasa. The show took a much exciting turn with the entry of an anonymous savior, Nakabposh, who is filling Baalveer’s shoes with his own distinct style of saving the world.”

Talking about his latest look as Nakabposh, Dev shared, “Nakaposh is a rebel with traditional choices of weapons to fight Timnasa. He dons a complete leather outfit and drives a bike but at the same time his choice of weapons are not high-tech. He carries the traditional weapons of war like swords and a knife and believes in keeping his identity unknown by donning a mask.”

A lot goes on during the shoot when an artist essays three different character in the story. Sharing his experience on performing in three looks on the sets of Baalveer Returns, Dev said, “I really enjoy these three characters and I feel nothing great comes out easily or without any challenges. It is sometimes really challenging to have three costume changes in a day. With a look change comes a distinct performing style. Baalveer, Debu and Nakabposh have entirely different personalities. So, to ensure the character is justified I need to work on changing the mindset after a look change and step into the life of that character.”

“With the weather becoming hotter by the day, it was difficult to shoot in the Nakabposh costume as its leather along with a foam mask. Having said that, every look also has its own perks, like I get to ride a bike and physical movement is really easy. I am also glad that I am learning to ride a bike thanks to Baalveer Returns and I hope that this practice would help me procure a license so I can ride on the streets of Mumbai soon.”

Dev also added, “I never thought I would be playing a triple role in a show and I’m ecstatic to have received such a rare opportunity.”