Interview with Siddharth Nigam (Aladdin of Sony SAB Show)


Siddharth Nigam as Aladdin.

Q: The first question is, did you watch Aladdin as a kid?

Siddharth: Yes, I watched Aladdin as a kid. Since childhood till now, Aladdin is one of my favourite characters. I am playing that very role, so it is a good thing.

Q: Being Aladdin is a dream for any kid, how do you feel being Aladdin on Sony Sab?

Siddharth: I feel very happy, very excited. For me, it is something very interesting and new. Playing Aladdin is an opportunity for me to showcase my talent through the character of Aladdin. Everyone knows Aladdin all over world.

Q: Tell us about your experience of acting in an epic like Aladdin?

Siddharth: My prior experiences include portraying intense, angry and versatile characters. But this character of Aladdin is very different, quite different from the characters I’ve played already. I will get to learn a lot of things. I get to learn from every show. Every day, I get to learn something new and I am improvising on my scenes, so that people from all across the world talk about Aladdin.

Q: So did you undertake any workshops to prepare for the role?

Siddharth: Yes, because it was becoming a bit difficult for me - the lines and the comic timing. The best part is that the lines and the show’s screenplay is very interesting. Even if you are not doing anything and just saying those lines, you will find it funny. So, while the workshops were on, we used to read the lines and laugh among ourselves. It was fun. Our director is really good. He is a good man. He notices each and everything. In Aladdin, all the reactions and actions are genuine. There won’t be any unnecessary comedy. There are rhymes and the dialogues themselves have quirkiness and smartness. It took time to get a hang of it all, but the workshops that our director had given us for 2 weeks, the results and need of which I understand now, really helped.

Q: What do you have to say about your set?

Siddharth: Our set is grand as any epic show’s setting. The best part is that our cast is amazing. Where people are nice, everything is nice.

Q: What was your reaction when it was told to you that you are playing Aladdin’s role?

Siddharth: When I was informed that I have been offered Aladdin’s role, I was very happy. I was like – ‘Wow, Aladdin! My fantasy - magic, genie, lamp - all of it will be true.’ But at the same time, I was thinking - How do I do it? Aladdin is very versatile and is very energetic. When I used to watch it online ,I would observe his chemistry with Jasmine, it used to make me wonder how would I accomplish that? I am still learning.. In fact, when we were doing the workshop, I was told by my director that forget all of that you have done till now. Now, you are Aladdin. So, I would keep reminding myself that I am Aladdin. As a performer, I was very happy and very excited because now, I get to try something new.

Q: So what if you are given 3 wishes?

Siddharth: My first wish would be that my show does well. It’s not just mine, but everybody’s.

My second wish is that India and the people living in India develop further and remain safe and there is no problem, ever. There are no explosions or attacks.. In fact, I don’t want that to happen in any country because it is really not good to kill innocent people.. Just don’t fight, I would say. Love is the best. I want a clean country, clean roads, a better environment, value for humanity and no discrimination. When I go abroad I see the streets and beaches are so clean but here, there is so much litter everywhere. . . And the third wish is that everyone is happy forever.

Q: So how is Aladdin different from other shows?

Siddharth: It is different from other shows, because I am there in this show. (joking) The action in this show, is quite different from the rest of the shows. The way I would perform the action sequences will be such that it looks natural like Hollywood movies. Whatever action sequences are there, I perform them myself. I don’t use any duplicate. Even in choreography, I do my thing. When director says - jump from here to there - in normal shows people just normally jump. I don’t jump. I do splits or something interesting. So, these acrobatic visuals are good to watch. All the people in the show are really fond of each other. Comedy and making people laugh and happy is something that is associated with Sony SAB but it’s not like we have kept only silly comedy, there are going to be various elements. There is going to be lot of action, stunts, thrilling scenes along with quality comedy.. All the characters are already popular and we are trying to portray them to make them even better. The best thing is it is a modern show - there are some contemporary dialogues in this. If you hear to them, you will definitely find them funny.

Q: You are working with Avneet again, so what is your experience with working with her?

Siddharth: The bonding between Avneet and me is really good. We understand each other, onscreen as well as offscreen. We help each other a lot. She is a very beautiful, understanding and hardworking girl. I am happy that she is playing Yasmine, because when we were having our look test, she came in dressed like Princess Yasmine and I thought “Woah! She looks exactly like Yasmine.” She fits the role perfectly. She is my very good friend. I am very happy that I am doing this show with her.

Friday, August 17, 2018