Innocentites of Innocent Hearts School conveyed a message of Energy Conservation


Jalandhar, December 11, 2017: Innocent Hearts School, Green Model Town and Loharan conducted an activity on Energy conservation. The students of Class VIII presented a skit on ways and means to preserve and conserve energy. The students used flash cards and various other means to convey their message. They acted like bulbs and conveyed a message that LED lights save light. As Sun is the largest natural source of energy. To consume its energy solar panels should be used to save energy. We should switch off the fans, heaters when not required. The products of five star rating should be used because they consume less energy. The skit depicted that radiations emitted by cell phones are harmful. So, we should keep it away from our body when not in use. The Director Principal - Mr. Dheeraj Banati appreciated the efforts of the students during a special assembly and explained the importance of conservation of energy, motivating them to apply it in their routine. He reiterated that the younger generation can be the harbinger of change.

Monday, December 11, 2017