India's crypto moment; host nation set to take centre stage at G20 Summit:

The upcoming G20 Summit in India in September has stirred excitement in the global cryptocurrency community.

India's crypto moment; host nation set to take centre stage at G20 Summit:
Source: IANS

New Delhi, May 19 (IANS) The upcoming G20 Summit in India in September has stirred excitement in the global cryptocurrency community.

According to, the G20 Summit could serve as an excellent opportunity for India to exhibit its achievements and inspire other nations to adopt similar legislation. India's chance to demonstrate its accomplishments and promote cryptocurrency & web3 makes the G20 Summit one of the most anticipated events.

With the Indian government achieving major milestones towards acknowledging and supervising digital assets in recent months, and its dedication to fostering innovation in the crypto space firmly entrenched, many are eager to see the progress made by the country.

The G20 Summit presents an exceptional possibility for leaders worldwide to convene and engage in a transparent discussion about the oversight and expansion of the cryptocurrency sector. With representatives from major economies such as the US, China, and the European Union, the G20 Summit has a unique position to encourage global cooperation on this critical matter.

Chandan Kumar, Co-founder, said, "The G20 Summit could be a game-changer for India's role in shaping global cryptocurrency & web3 ecosystem. A successful G20 summit could encourage member nations to align their thought processes and regulatory approaches, thereby creating a more consistent and predictable environment for the overall crypto & web3 ecosystem."

For the cryptocurrency industry to attain its full potential, countries must collaborate to establish an integrated and cohesive governance structure. As such, this summit provides a significant opportunity for global collaboration in this area. By creating a framework for the regulation and growth of the cryptocurrency and web3 ecosystem, the G20 leaders can help bring clarity and stability to the industry, which is vital for its continued success.

The G20 Summit presents a great opportunity for nations to collaborate and create a comprehensive set of guidelines to address digital asset risks like money laundering and terrorist financing while promoting innovation and competition in the sector. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has defined international cryptocurrency regulations, especially for virtual asset service providers (VASPs).

The FATF's recommendations for enhanced international regulation coordination have proven significant. However, there is still more to be accomplished, and the G20 Summit is a great opportunity for member countries to expand on these efforts and create a clear and effective regulatory framework that facilitates the growth of the cryptocurrency & web3 sector while managing associated risks.

"Significant improvements to cryptocurrency legislation could result from the global collaboration between crypto companies and financial institutions that the G20 Summit provides. This landmark event has the potential to shape the future of crypto regulations, even with leading central banks around the world like the RBI, exploring the benefits and risks of providing banking access to crypto firms and creating their own CBDCs," added Chandan.

Furthermore, the G20 Summit presents a unique opportunity to tackle the diverse challenges that arise from the taxation of cryptocurrencies. By facilitating a constructive dialogue among member nations, the Summit can lay the foundation for developing fair and consistent tax policies that foster the growth of the crypto sector.

To conclude, a successful G20 Summit might transform the global crypto sphere by fostering innovation, growth, and digital asset applications. G20 nations can create a more connected, efficient, and inclusive financial future by collaborating on cryptocurrency. The Summit can serve as a vital platform to encourage cooperation and build consensus towards a common goal of regulating the crypto & web3 industry, while ensuring a fair and transparent environment for all.