India was guru and we need to make it vishwa-guru

The distinguished speaker of the webinar was Prof. Mohan Lal Chhipa

India was guru and we need to make it vishwa-guru

Chandigarh: University Institute of Applied Management Sciences, Panjab University Chandigarh organised a webinar on “नयी शिक्षानीति के संदर्भ में  शिक्षा में भारतीयता”(Nayi Sikhshaniti Ke Sandarb Mein Sikhsha Mein Bhartiyata) .The distinguished speaker of the webinar was Prof. Mohan Lal Chhipa, Ex-Vice-Chancellor, Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi University, Bhopal.

Prof. Upasna Joshi Sethi, Director UIAMS extended formal welcome to the speaker and participants. She highlighted that NEP 2020 is promoting a multidisciplinary approach and is the comprehensive framework for elementary to higher education.
Multi entry and exit plan is student friendly said Prof. VR Sinha, Dean Research in his presidential address. Further he highlighted that with the promotion of multi-discipline and research, students will have learning opportunities in diverse fields and this will lead to growth of higher education institutions into a holistic organization.

Indian perspective of education is to make an integral individual as opposite to the individualist perspective of the West, said Prof. Mohan LalChhipa in his key address. Further he said it is important to see how the education system is contributing to the making of humans and humanity. NEP 2020 is going to foster and develop the sense of entrepreneurship. Youth will become job providers rather than job seekers. We need to understand and adopt the feeling of self-respect. Because of our attraction towards the westernised education system, we are ignorant of the fact that all major concepts emerged from our own Indian literature including Vedas, Shashtras etc. We as teachers and students can recall the “father of concepts of our respective subjects” from the west. But we cannot recall which Indian initiated that particular concept. He advised teachers and students to see the contribution of Indians in the field of engineering, medical education, commerce, management, art and other domains. He suggested that like many NGOs that are working in the domain of Indian education, our universities should also establish Indian Education Research Cell/ Institution in order to promote research in Indian literature. Further every university and department should prepare a note/paper on contribution of Indians in their respective domains and determine who all Indians are initiators of the concepts that we have today. This can be started with at least giving responsibility to one faculty member to conduct research on Indian contributors in his/her respective subject. The students who have researched on Indian system should be asked questions like What Next so as to take their research further. University departments may also start preparing curriculum dedicated to Indian education or atleast one unit can be developed so as to make students aware of our own healthy literature.

Dr. Monika Aggarwal, Associate Professor, UIAMS proposed vote of thanks.