I feel very fortunate to be essaying the role of Shivaay

Says Siddharth Nigam from Sony SAB’s Hero – Gayab Mode On

I feel very fortunate to be essaying the role of Shivaay
Siddharth Nigam AKA Shivaay from Hero Gayab Mode On.

1.   How did you get into acting?
I believe it was destiny for me to become an actor. I was a gymnast and I used to reside at a hostel. I never had any knowledge of acting and would devote all my time to gymnastics. A company had then recognised and approached me when I had reached the national level, for an ad with Bournvita. From there on a new journey began for me and today, I am blessed to be a part of this entertainment industry.
2.   Did you audition for the role of Shivaay? How did you come on board with this project?


I did not audition for the role, the producer of Peninsula productions offered me the role as they wanted me to be a part of this show and essay the character of Shivaay as they mentioned I would be the perfect fit. At that moment, I just said yes, I couldn’t have it any other way.
3.   What was your reaction when you were told that you will be playing a 2500-year-old Asur?
At first, I was just aware of the brief of the character. I was told that they want to launch a new character in the show Hero – Gayab Mode On, someone more powerful than the character Hero and who can help him become a superhero. Hero - Gayab Mode On is a unique show as Sony SAB always tries to bring out something that has never been seen before. So, when I got the offer from the producer, I was excited. The character interested me to do this show and today, I feel very fortunate to be essaying the role of Shivaay. The best part is that I get to share the screen with my brother, Abhishek Nigam, which is like a dream come true.
4.   What are the challenges that come with playing Shivaay?
There are so many challenges that come with playing this character be it my look or my voice. Shivaay’s voice needs to be kept heavy while he wears an edgy look, with a beard, styled hair and tattoos. I would spend almost 2 hours getting ready at first, but now I take only half an hour to 45 minutes to get into the look of Shivaay. The dialogue delivery of Shivaay is also quite different from the characters that I have previously essayed. I tried improvising it myself as much as I could since I signed on this character soon after Aladdin. It was quite challenging for me during the first few days but now it sums up to be a very beautiful journey.
5.   Do you get into fights with your brother off-screen?
Of course, we fight, naturally like all siblings do. I respect my brother and love him even more, and I get the same love and admiration from him too. We have this mutual respect and understanding for each other in our hearts.
6.   From ads to TV shows and movies, tell us about your journey
I have never been to an acting school in my life neither have I taken any acting classes. This journey actually started for me in an unplanned manner. It was new for me to face the camera, learn scripts and deliver dialogues. Eventually, with time, I learnt how to deliver the dialogues naturally. I used to be scared and nervous initially, but I always kept in mind the fact that I have got an opportunity to perform on screen and hence I need to make use of it to the fullest.
7.   You have done a couple of movies in the past. Any plans of moving to Bollywood?
I am sure something big is awaiting me and I am eager for that day to come.
8.   Do you think you are now comfortable on the small screen as you have done so many projects?
I always believe in the work or the project I am part of and put my heart into it. I trust my talent and the character I am playing. I believe one should always put his heart mind and hard work in whatever you do, the outcome will always be in your favour. I ensure to give my 100 percent in all that I do and I feel in this industry, one tends to learn things very quickly.  
9.   Has there been any project which has been challenging for you so far?

All the projects I have been associated with since I joined the industry have been challenging in some way or the other. I believe if an actor performs well, the expectations from him are automatically increased. I did Aladdin because I wanted to tell people I am an actor who can do various roles, I don't ever intend to be typecast. Even when I started doing Hero- Gayab Mode On, it came with its own challenges through which I found my way.
10.At the moment, what projects are you focusing on?
For now, I am committed to and purely focusing on my show Hero- Gayab Mode On.