I don’t believe in having six pack abs

Says Dev Joshi from Baalveer Returns as he shares his fitness secrets

I don’t believe in having six pack abs
Dev Joshi's new avatar as Debu Bhaiya on Sony SAB's Baalveer Returns.

•    What does fitness mean to you?
o    Fitness for me is a healthy body. Having six pack abs or a chiseled physique has never been my priority. Fitness for me roots from a healthy lifestyle which enables me to perform every activity with energy and I try to incorporate that in my daily routine.

•    What is your fitness mantra?
o    I feel my mother has a huge role in ensuring that I stay fit. So, I make sure that I eat whatever my mom is preparing for lunch as she plans my meal keeping in mind what is healthy for me. I also believe in eating in portions and it has helped me stay fit so far.

•    How do you maintain a healthy balance between mind and body?
o    Music is a powerful tool to rejuvenate your mind. Every morning when I sit for makeup on the sets of Baalveer Returns, I play some soulful music. It helps me start the day with a fresh mind. When I exercise, I prefer light background music as well. Even during the shots, I keep singing songs and that helps me stay stress free and happy. For me, music is the key that ties my mental and physical health together and keeps me healthy.

•    What does your work-out routine comprise of?
o    With the demanding schedule, there hasn’t been much time to dedicate for gym or any special training. After shoot or in the morning, I like going for a run. It gives me an instant boost of energy. Whenever I am not shooting, I go to the gym where my trainers help me create a power packed routine.

•    One food item you can’t resist?
o    I really enjoy Gujarati Thali and I forget about fitness if I am every served one.

•    Any fitness tips for your fans and viewers of Baalveer Returns?
o    I would like to urge and motivate all my young audience of Baalveer Returns to participate in all the physical activities in school and make sure you take out at least an hour to play your favorite sport. I also believe in the power of yoga and I feel everyone should add yoga in their daily routine as it has numerous benefits. I request everyone to not follow extreme diets or starve yourself to attain fitness. The path to fitness is to be happy first, rest will follow.