Hymenoplasty Is Essentially A Medical Repair Of The Hymen

Author(s): Dr. Rakhi Are you scared that you have lost your virginity and your marriage cannot happen because you are not a virgin? Or is it your family religious belief that a girl who is a virgin is perfect marriage material? If you...

Hymenoplasty Is Essentially A Medical Repair Of The Hymen

Are you scared that you have lost your virginity and your marriage cannot happen because you are not a virgin? Or is it your family religious belief that a girl who is a virgin is perfect marriage material? If you are the one who is facing such a situation and is under constant pressure due to losing your hymen, then you have a solution. Yes! With the help of hymenoplasty surgery, you can be a virgin again.

What is Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty surgery is known as an essential repair of the hymen, where women who are facing social, religious or cultural pressure are provided with a sigh of relief. Hymenoplasty surgery involves stitching together the remains of the hymen present at the entrance of the vagina. The procedure can vary depending upon the duration a woman wants to keep their hymen layer intact.

There are three types of techniques that are available for hymenoplasty which includes

The basic technique – in this the remnants of the hymen layer are stitched together to reconstruct an aesthetically looking hymen.

The alloplant technique – This is performed when the doctor cannot find any remnant of the hymen or, hymen layer present is not enough for reconstruction. A biomaterial is inserted into the vagina by your surgeon in order to create the hymen.

Recreating hymen- In this procedure, the hymen is reconstructed using tissues from the lips of the vagina.

All types of hymenoplasty surgery are performed under the presence of anesthesia.

The time taken for completion of hymenoplasty surgery may include anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the type of procedure performed.

It is a day care procedure, and the patient can be relieved from the hospital the same day.

The recovery period is quite short and a person can recover within a week and resume to their daily physical activities.

Are there any eligibility criteria for undergoing hymenoplasty surgery?

Before undergoing a hymenoplasty surgery, it is essential to tell all your past history and explain it to your doctor regarding your health issues, so that your gynecologist can determine whether you are eligible for the surgery or not.

       A girl or a woman above 18 years of age who has ruptured hymen due to sex or other activities can undergo hymenoplasty surgery.

       Women who are not suffering from an illness like cancer, diabetes, discoloration of the hymen. Hematoma or etc.


What are the risks of hymenoplasty surgery?

Hymenoplasty is considered to be relatively a safe procedure with very rare and very few side effects. All the operations tend to have certain small risks related to the procedure that can involve prolonged bleeding, infection or risks associated with the anesthesia. However, complications from hymenoplasty surgery are very rare.

Hymenoplasty surgery can sometimes be so risky, for some of the patients because of a lot of reasons. Some of which are explained as follows

The hymen is a very thin layer of connective tissue that forms the entrance of the vagina, protecting it from invading the bacteria. Whereas, hymenoplasty is often known as a part of the treatment of vaginal damage that can be a result of accidental falls, heavy weightlifting, and other similar scenarios wherein the hymen's stability is structurally got compromised.

Hymenoplasty surgery is known to be a reputed and largely safe procedure with a negligible amount of risks. However, the surgical procedure basically present with some complications and potential risks.

          Post-Operative Bruising, Swelling, and Pain: Hymenoplasty is considerably a high demanding procedure where the medical experts try hard to reconstruct the hymen. The procedure is quite simple and easy and occasionally there can be an overcorrection due to which the hymen is compressed to a greater by the presence of surrounding vaginal tissue. This can cause narrowing of the vagina and can make the post-operative period a bit painful. A woman can experience some amount of discomfort that can occur while walking and sitting. Such patients are usually susceptible to some extent of bruising, severe swelling making your next sexual encounter difficult. But this is only for a short period of time and can be a cure in the long run.


          Bleeding and Hematomas: Every woman who has undergone hymenoplasty surgery can experience some degree of bleeding and this isn't a cause for the worry. In most of the cases, depending upon the age of the patient and the situation of the hymen, some form of bleeding may be expected sometimes. However, this type of minimal bleeding is expected to completely stop within a few days after the surgery. But, the problem can arise when the bleeding doesn’t subside and its intensity seems to risen up. This is generally done when there are any chances of a hematoma on the surface. Though a hematoma can be surgically removed and treated by the attending surgeon, some specialists might be a bit hesitant to treat it immediately. This means continuing living with the hematoma for a few more days can cause terrible pain for the woman who chose hymenoplasty. In most cases, patients with hematoma are considered not suitable for hymenoplasty surgery.

Hymenoplasty can be an essential medical repair of the hymen if it is performed by a specialist who has correct experience and knowledge of the procedure.

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