HSRP must for national and individual security: Dr Kamaljeet Soi

Road safety expert rolls out “Mission Safe Jalandhar” with a focus on high security registration plates and road accidents & traffic crimes plaguing Jalandhar

HSRP must for national and individual security: Dr Kamaljeet Soi
Dr Kamaljeet Soi.

Jalandhar, December 7, 2021: After the successful commencement of Mission Safe Ludhiana, Mission Safe Amrtisar & Mission Safe Malwa , Dr Kamaljeet Soi Member- National Road Safety Council, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India, and Chairman of the NGO Raahat - The Safe Community Foundation & President – Global Society of Safety Professionals, rolled out Mission Jalandhar at the Press conference held in the city today. Mission Safe Jalandhar aims to focus on the unabated hit and run road accidents, traffic crimes and its sanitization.
Dr Kamaljeet Soi & his NGO Raahat - The Safe Community Foundation have been taking up the issues of road safety from last about 20 years and has been recognized at State, National & International level for the work done in this field.
Dr Soi, particularly emphasized upon the strict implementation of High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) to curb the increasing road crimes ,drug trafficking and other criminal activities  in Jalandhar belt as fake number plates are used on vehicles involved in such crimes  causing irreparable damage to the social and economic structure of the region.
Speaking on the increase of crime rates in the region,Dr Soi said that as per the data available  the crime rate in this belt has increased many folds in last couple of years and the rampant incidence of fake number plates being used on the vehicles  to evade being caught and jailed is one of the key reasons behind the same and by addressing this issue alone there can be a substantial drop in the crime rate in the city and its surrounding. Although some of these vehicles have been impounded by the Police, a large number of vehicles are still plying on the roads without HSRPs. An immediate action is required to stop this menace or these vehicles will remain a threat to the security of the city, state in particular and the nation at large.
On aligning implementation of HSRP with issue of widespread road crimes like hit and run cases ,highway mugging /robbing , drug trafficking Dr Kamaljeet Soi said that the HSRP scheme was initiated by the Punjab Government in year 2012 but nothing much moved in this direction for years and as a result even today almost 20 lakh vehicles are still plying on the roads of Punjab sans HSRP and they are adding new and alarming dimensions to the drug trafficking and other criminal activities  in the state. The need of the hour is a complete implementation of HSRP code and it’s effective follow-up
The Principal Secretary, Government of Punjab, Department of Transport had notified a penalty/ challan amount of Rs. 2000/- for first offence and Rs. 3000/- for subsequent offence via notification number 10/166/2009- 1T2/809 dated the 27th July 2020 for vehicle owners who have still not affixed HSRPs on their vehicles. Conversely, in the last 15 months, the Traffic Police has not undertaken any enforcement drive that has resulted in nonchalant attitude on the part of the vehicle owners.
Keeping in mind the existing scenario, the Office of the State Transport Commissioner, Punjab, vide letter number STC – P(P-2)/20502-602 has sent a communication dated the 12th of August 2021 to all the Regional Transport authorities as well as to the SDM’s in the State highlighting the same concern. The official notification clearly indicates that Vanity Numbers which had been allotted to the vehicle owners in lieu of payment after 12.06.1989 with registration mark other than “PB” State code and other parts of the registration mark and are not in conformity with the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 should be surrendered to the state. Also, the vehicle owners have been asked to get new registration marks in conformity to the above said Act.
He exhorted the state transport department to immediately issue necessary instructions to its officers to start enforcing the scheme to keep a check on this major issue ailing Punjab in general and Jalandhar in particular.