How to prepare effectively for NEET Biology

How to prepare effectively for NEET Biology

The National Eligibility Entrance Test i.e. the NEET exam is conducted every year in India for students aspiring to study medicine courses, mainly MBBS (Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery) and BDS ( Bachelor Of Dental Surgery) programs.

This all-India qualifying test is organized and conducted by NTA i.e. National Testing Agency and was formerly called All-India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT).

The NEET exam includes three subjects namely, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. To ace this exam with good marks, it is necessary for an aspirant to be clear with the basics of the aforementioned subjects. Talking specifically about NEET biology, it requires a good grip over the Biology basics of the 11th and 12th standard and needs to be prepared effectively to aim for a top score in the exam.

Now, the main question that arises here is how to prepare for NEET Biology and that too effectively and efficiently?

If you are stuck with the same question, then relax since you have landed at the right place. To master the exam, it is necessary to master all subjects, including Biology. 

Presenting a good strategy in hope that it helps you with the exam preparation so that you pass with distinction:

Step 1: Begin with the basics with NCERT:

Beginning preparation for every exam includes being aware of the syllabus or the contents that comprise the curriculum of the exam. The syllabus is actually nothing but what you have already studied, which is the syllabus of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of 11th and 12th standards.

Compare the syllabus with the contents of NCERT and start with the preparation by revising your basics. Experts have claimed that clearing NEET with a good score doesn’t need a lot of complex reference books, but it requires being fully aware of the topics covered in NCERT.

Step 2: Assert attention on topics of importance:

Once you are done and all clear with the basics, the next step includes being aware of the topics which hold comparatively higher significance. It is obvious that an exam can’t cover all topics, so it is wise to be aware of all topics but assert special attention to topics that have higher chances to appear. 

This can be done by going through NEET Biology questions of previous years and focusing on the favourite questions of the examiners. There are high chances that a few repeatedly coming questions might be asked again in the upcoming NEET exam.

Step 3: Refer to Biotechnology topics along with Genetics:

Once you go through important questions and topics for NEET, you’ll get to know that topics like Genetics and Biotechnology hold a significant place in the exam. Topics like the molecular basis of inheritance, microbes, and others are significant to be revised time and again to keep the concepts at your fingertips.

Referring to mock tests, sample papers and question papers of the past few years is advisable to be well equipped about the way the questions are put up from these subjects.

Step 4: Stick to your schedule:

Every preparation necessitates the need to have a plan in mind. Just like every business venture needs to have a plan for efficient working of its operations, similarly, every exam preparation needs to be maintained through a schedule which is nothing but a basic plan that you adhere to reach your goals and that too on time.

If you really want good and proven results from your preparation, it is important to be aware that all your efforts are going in the right direction. So, a schedule not only provides you with your daily dose of work but also lets you analyze your regular progress which should be going in the direction of daily goal completion that will ultimately help you reach your ultimate goal of passing the NEET exam.

Step 5: Give mocks:

Once you are done with your learning preparation, it is time to have a taste of the real exam experience which holds the practical part of your preparation. This is possible only by giving mocks for the same!

Students might argue that if they are all prepped up with the previous years’ questions and paper revision, then what is the need to appear for mocks? If you feel the same, then it’s high time to bust your myth. 

Solving for previous year questions help you know the way the questions might be asked in the exam and assist your revision part, but actually appearing for the time-bound mock exam and sitting at a single place solving the 3-hour exam at a single go will not only make you aware of the paper pattern but also, let you experience the tension of an exam, and how you deal with your stress is what will make you excel it with grace.

Step 6: Have faith in yourself and your preparation:

This step might be mentioned at last, but it goes all the way from the very start. Trusting yourself is very important at every stage of this exam. You must not forget that your trust in yourself made you decide to opt for NEET, so losing your faith while preparing for it is not justified.

If you have truthfully followed all the aforementioned steps and have put your soul into the preparation, then you are already victorious. Even if you get stuck in your preparation, all you need to do is to remind yourself that this is the path that you need to excel in to chase your dream and passion of becoming a doctor or a dentist and helping thousands of people out there. 

You need to give yourself regular doses of self-love. For example, if you have completed a specific portion of a very difficult subject, then you can treat yourself in whichever way you want be it a time break or a chocolate or a short trip outdoors, anything based upon your liking.

Wishing you the best of luck to let the inner tiger in you wake up and run for his dreams!