Here are the best Halloween moments from Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

Read about the best holiday-centric Halloween Heist episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine right here!

Here are the best Halloween moments from Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

It's that time of the year again when it gets all spooky and fun! Yes, you heard it right, with Halloween around the corner, and Comedy Central airing Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you’re in for a complete treat with reminiscing the good old Halloween Heist episodes. While the Halloween Heists started off modestly in season 1 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the love and popularity they garnered quickly turned them into a recurring highlight of the show. Throughout the seasons, from the 99th Precinct, each and every character has taken part in these tremendously entertaining, interesting, and occasionally even mind-boggling heists!


Here’s listing the Top 6 Halloween Heist moments from Brooklyn Nine-Nine to add to the fun of Spooktober!


Where it all began!

The first Halloween Heist episode began with banter between Captain Holt and Jake, where Jake curated the Halloween Heist with the intent of showing the captain who is better at solving heists among the two. Unquestionably, this episode was a classic. This was one of the first occasions where the entire squad was seen working together and butting heads with their detective skills. However, the heist led to Holt's subdued respect for Jake and the characters' love for one another, despite the competitive spirit among them. The cherry on top of the cake in the first heist was seeing Charles Boyle dressed as Mario Batali and the crew yanking his chain for five minutes straight!


Halloween II

The second annual Nine-Nine Halloween Heist was named ’Halloween II.’ Throughout the second season, the Heist was still portrayed as a venue for competitive banter between Jake and Holt, where they went to unprecedented heights to prove they’re the Amazing Detective/Genius. This Halloween episode saw Jake and Holt’s relationship develop as shenanigans keep on happening throughout the day. One of the highlights of this Halloween Heist episode is the fashion show that Charles puts on for the crew while they roast every costume that Charles wears. Even when the rest of the squad is seen for a very short time, the fans were treated to some of the funniest Halloween costumes.


The Wildest Heist!

Valloweaster from Season 7 is among the wildest heists. This season’s heist started on Halloween but didn’t end till Easter came around when the idea to celebrate Valloweaster came up. It’s one of the best Halloween episodes because of how little chaos goes on during the day of the festival.


Halloween III

An underdog arc makes for the best stories, and this Season 3 Halloween episode gives us just that. The heist captains here were Jake and Holt, and neither of them wanted Amy because they believed she would be a traitor to the other team. This makes Amy establish her heisting prowess and outwit both of them in their own game! The highlight of this heist was Gina's famous line, "If I die, turn my tweets into a book," which gets the episode some brownie points from fans.


Halloween IV

The fourth Halloween episode shows Gina as the star. In this episode, Gina Linetti, ‘the human form of the 100 emoji’ is nothing short of an icon with a sweatshirt that reads ‘Gina Knows Best’, which she proves is absolutely right. She manages to beat Captain Holt, Jake, and Amy as they attempt to break their three-way tie from last year. The catch is, she does so while the entire crew, except Terry, is participating and none of them know that she is. In the end, Gina scores a dramatic win and gets the title on the plaque changed to ‘Amazing Human/Genius’. Sounds apt, doesn’t it?


Halloween V

In the context of Halloween Heists, ’HalloVeen’ manages to stand out due to its heartwarming ending. In ‘HalloVeen,’ Jake gets his romantic side on and decides to plan a proposal for Amy instead of chasing the glory of winning the heist. Having him out of the run, in a rare move, Charles decides to go it solo, betraying Jake in the process. As a Halloween Heist frequently involves one person manipulating things behind the scenes, this one encompasses a smug flashback where everyone feels like they’re in control, which is why the entire squad decides to go solo and claim the victory and the bragging rights!


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