HealthCare at Home launches complete range of Cancer homecare services on World Cancer Day


HealthCare at Home.

New Delhi, Feb 3, 2013: Only a person who is going through an agonizing and traumatic situation understands the intensity of the pain he or she is in. Cancer patients will more than agree!
Just the knowledge of coming under the grip of the deadly disease is killing, as the chances of survival seem remote since the beginning. Cancer comes to light mostly in the last stages when it is extremely difficult to reverse the damages. The figures are deadly. As per the World Health Organisation’s World Cancer Report, 2013, Cancer claims over seven lakhs lives in India every year.
Cancer treatment is no less complicated. It comprises of a series of painful procedures involving Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery. Patients get too frail to undergo the treatment, travel to hospital being the clumsiest of all. The need for emotional support during the upheaval remains at an all-time high. Meeting that expectation is usually difficult for family members as they themselves get bogged down by the turmoil.
Much to the relief of cancer patients who are grappling with so much pain, HealthCare at Home (HCAH) has launched complete range of cancer services under which it provides chemotherapy, palliative care and neutropenic care via its skilled oncology nurses; diet support through trained dieticians; and emotional healing via its experienced counselors, all this in the comfortable confines of one’s home.
The joint venture will also offer end of life care to cancer patients. The last days for the cancer sufferers are full of agony. The patient and the family members’ heart ache for a peaceful departure. Through its end of life care service, HCAH ensures that the final days for the patients is less harrowing and that they die in peace at home.
HCAH is a joint-venture between the Burman family, the promoters of India’s leading natural health care products maker Dabur India Ltd; and Dr Gareth Jones and Charles Walsh, the founders of the UK-based Healthcare At Home (HAH).
There are several reasons for which people prefer home care to hospital care for cancer patients. One of the many is peace of mind. Just the feeling of being home is comforting and expedites the patients’ recovery, as being around the family and friends boost their morale.
The personalized care offered through homecare addresses the unique needs of every patient. Longer stay at hospitals lead to huge medical bills, thereby putting enormous pressure on family members. Compared to hospital stay, home care is cost effective as it cuts the various indirect expenditures. This is apart from the intangible benefits homecare services offer to patients.
When such a facility is not available, the work-life balance of the family members goes for a toss. But with facility like HCAH family members can resume a normal schedule, leaving their dear ones in trusted hands.
HCAH provides all types of chemotherapy to cancer patients at home. The HCAH nurses are adept at administering adjuvant therapies. They are experts at symptomatic management and pain relief management. The nurses are made to undergo specialized training in palliative care, particularly to provide counseling and support to the patients that help boost their morale, resulting into their quicker recovery at home.
Through IT-based robust monitoring and reporting system, the doctors of the patients to constantly monitor their patients’ condition. By keeping their doctors concerned always in the loop, HCAH ensures constant medical intervention and supervision to the patient without any interruption. The doctors have complete control over the treatment of the patients. HCAH provides extended reach to the patients’ doctors in conditions where the patients find it difficult to travel to the hospital. Additionally, services provided by HCAH also frees up doctors at the hospitals, making them available for other patients.// New delhi news,  New delhi current news,  New delhi news live, New delhi breaking news, New delhi headlines, New delhi latest news, india news, world news,

Monday, February 3, 2014