A gift from DAV College Management: "Kalpana Chawla Shagun Scheme" for Single Girl Child


Jalandhar, June 1, 2017: With the sole purpose of educating girl child, DAV College has great schemes for the single girl child of the family. This huge scheme is dedicated to 100 years of DAV College Jalandhar. Kalpana Chawla Shagun Scheme will be given scholarship on this year admission process along with compensation on free books by DAV College Management.

If there are two girls in a family, they can also enjoy the pros of this scheme, launched by DAV College, Jalandhar.

“Kalpana Chawla Shagun Scheme has been started with accordance to Beti Bacho Beti Padhao Scheme by Indian Govt. Through this college will help those families with a single girl as their child. Motive behind this scheme is to educate the female gender of this country” said Principal Dr SK Arora.

DAV College provides scholarships to most deserving and intelligent students of the college every year. Along with this other scholarship schemes are also provided to students in order to support their studies. On the starting of the 100th year of the college, DAV College Management has started Kalpana Chawala Shagun Scheme, to enhance the learning experience of girl child.

Talking about this scheme College Principal Dr SK Arora said that, there is an in uneven ratio between female students and male students. Girls are not having good access for education in our country which is a serious problem. History is the witness, where girls are only concerned to give birth to male child nothing more than that. But now its high time to change this tradition. The only way to empower women and make them independent is to educate them. We have to eradicate the stereotypical thinking from our society. For that education ofgirls is must. Knowledge and education is birth right of every child. We have to provide the best of us. We our helping our govt in this tedious process by launching Kalpana Chawla Shagun Scheme
According to this scheme:
• College provides 2100-5100 shagun to single girl child family.
• College will provide books to single girl child via “Book Bank” of DAV College, Jalandhar.
• Weightage will be given to single Girl Child during the process of admission.
Manpreet a student of the college shared her experience of a similar scheme saying that it was huge loss of burden because of this scheme and she was able to do good in studies because of this scheme. And this year college will provide of this scheme to the single girl child taking admission in DAV College, Jalandhar.

Principal Arora informed that Kalpana Chawla Shagun Scheme will start from this year and will continue till a long time. College is taking responsibility to educate the girls. Further the Principal of College appealed to the university to reserve seats for single girl child to educate them.

Friday, June 2, 2017