Gayatri at cross-roads – Save her marriage with Abhishek or save Anna’s Vaada

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Gayatri at cross-roads – Save her marriage with Abhishek or save Anna’s Vaada
Akshita Mudgal as Gayatri on Sony SAB's Bhakharwadi.

Trouble in paradise as Gayatri (Akshita Mudgal) and Abhishek’s (Akshay Kelkar) marriage hangs by the balance. Sony SAB’s slice of life comedy show, Bhakharwadi is set to witness Gayatri on a dreadful crossroad, which will change her life forever. The upcoming episodes are bound to shock the audience with the nail-biting twists ahead.
Anna (Deven Bhojani) is faced protests by Tapovrat Baba’s followers, who demanded to turn Anna’s vaada (house) into a temple and in a bid to save Anna’s house, Gayatri reaches out to Radha (Vaidika Senjaliya) to help save her home, Gokhale Sadan. While she hoped Radha would help, she faces an unexpected turn in the situation as Radha asks Gayatri to divorce Abhishek and only then will she help her save the house.
On the other hand, a mysterious scheme is under play as Radha also plans to trick Gayatri into signing the NOC (No Objection Certificate) to sell Anna’s house. The calm before the brutal storm can be felt.
Will Gayatri choose to divorce Abhishek to save Anna’s house? Will Radha be successful in striking two birds with just one arrow?
Akshita Mudgal, playing the role of Gayatri said, “Gokhale and Thakkar families are under the dark clouds and tough times awaits before them. Gayatri is faced by a grave situation where she needs to choose between her husband and her father-in-law Anna. She always suspected that Radha likes Abhishek and she leveraged this opportunity to separate Abhishek and Gayatri. The upcoming episodes will reveal, what decision will Gayatri make?”