Fortis Hospital Launches of the Walk into their Shoes- Reflecting Empathy for Employees


photo: city air news

Ludhiana, January 19, 2017: Nursing Department plays major role in healthcare sector. They are the backbone of every hospital. The way they handle the patients show the strength of the organisation. Considering the same, Fortis Hospital Ludhiana has always been an initiator to bring more revolution into staff training methodologies. Compassion is a complex multi-dimensional concept that has moral cognitive emotive and behavioral components said Mr.Vivan Singh Gill, Director Fortis Hospital Ludhiana.

Scientific empathy involves ability to:
(a) Understand the patient's situation, perspective, and feelings (and their attached meanings);
(b) To communicate that understanding and check its accuracy; and
(c) To act on that understanding with the patient in a helpful (therapeutic) way.

In order to bring more life to this session, Mr. Gill led the entire session with his valuable health care expertise as a facilitator. This also led to brainstorming sessions. He paid focus on the fact that empathy plays an important role in nursing. Knowing how it works helps the patient feels less alone and understood. With empathy comes equality for nurses, who bond with their patients and help them to get better. Mr. Gill also paid attention on the art of converting the Moment of Misery into the Moment of Magic.

The session was held under the supervision of Mr. Shrikant Juneja from HR department. Further he explained that Walk into the Shoes of the Patient- Reflecting Empathy is entirely unique concept in many ways

- Collaboration of 3 Departments to implement and execute- FD Office, PWD and HR.
· New Role Play in every session based on real time scenarios.
· Demonstrating both sides of the Role Play.(Actual and Improved)
· Bringing up the true Appreciations, Comments and Suggestions of the Patients/Attendants.
· Only through Role Plays, Audio-Visual Aids and Images.
· No use of the PPT’s and Documents.

With the same objective in mind, Walk into their Shoes was organized to put light on different situations in nursing care. This session was especially designed to help the nursing staff as how they can perform in the situation of emergency, when patient requires some personal care.

The session kicked started with the role plays based on the real time situations. This newly designed concept involved participation from different departments. This session examined the reasons why empathy and compassion have become so highly politicized and encouraged those involved in the delivery of patient care to consider the implications of embracing new initiatives which are aimed at improving, measuring and monitoring levels empathy or compassion within the nurse-patient relationship.

Also present on the occasion were Ms. Amandeep Kaur, Ms. Dimpy Joseph, Mr. Ankit Gupta, Mr. Narendar Dutt.

Thursday, January 19, 2017