Fitness gives me sheer happiness

Says Rahil Azam aka DSP Anubhav Singh from Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir

Fitness gives me sheer happiness
Rahil Azam aka DSP Anubhav Singh from Sony SAB's Maddam Sir.

•    What does fitness mean to you?

•    To me, fitness is a way of life and it gives me sheer happiness. I like the idea of being fit and having a healthy lifestyle makes me feel content. I believe health is wealth and no matter what activity you do, be it running or exercising, it is bound to make you fitter and better and will definitely give you a sense of satisfaction. I firmly believe that the person who feels healthy is always supercharged and is exceptionally fit.

•    How do you keep a healthy balance between your mind and your body?

•    I keep my mind healthy by doing my prayers, offering gratitude and for my body, I do my workouts religiously, thereby maintaining a balance between the two.

•    Considering your hectic routine, how do you manage to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

•    Fitness is my priority and I adjust my shoot schedule according to my workout. I don’t miss my training because of a hectic schedule; I tend to work the other way around. It’s simply because I don’t want to fall ill, causing damage to my health. I believe a good workout makes me want to work better and when I carry out a proper workout, I am very energetic the entire day and in a lot of better headspace.

•    What kind of fitness routine makes you happy?

•    A simple workout routine would make me happy. A good blend of weight training, cardio and stretching would be sufficient. Your workout routine is personal to you, and always remember that you have no point to prove to others.

•    You play a role of a cop on the Maddam Sir. How do you maintain a fit body?

•    My love for fitness is irrespective of the roles I have portrayed on television so far. I have always invested more time into fitness, and I like the notion of having a healthy lifestyle.

•    Any quick healthy snack that you rely on during your busy days?

•    I think snack is something that organically shouldn’t be healthy. It is something you munch on and you enjoy gorging it. I think meals should be healthy and should have all the constituents that will make your body fit. Otherwise, hop onto any snack that makes you happy and burn it out during your workout.

•    What kind of music do you like listening to while you work out?

•    I believe you shouldn’t be dependent on anything for your training. I can work out even without music and in total silence. During the workout, your whole body is in a rhythm by default. For that matter, I don’t even need a training partner or anybody to prep me up for my workout. If given a choice, I would want to listen to retro songs or songs with more bass.

•    Given the current scenario, how are you staying fit at home and maintaining a fit body?

•    I am a firm believer of where there is a will, there is a way. I think there is always room for a routine workout. You don’t require many things for that, just a pair of dumbbells would suffice the purpose.

•    Any fitness tip for your fans?

•    The only tip I would want to give my fans is to be natural. As long as you are natural, you eat healthy food and consume supplements only to an extent; you are definitely doing things right. Your body should complement your personality, your look and everything together is a package and is unique to you. So, don’t indulge in comparing yourself with anybody and focus on your identity and always remember to love yourself!