FICO opposed 18% increase in Effluent Treatment Charges, by Ludhiana Effluent Treatment Society & J.B.R. Technologies

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Ludhiana, December 14, 2017: Today, In a meeting held at FICO Office, Jaimal Road, Janta Nagar, Ludhiana under the able leadership of S.Gurmeet Singh Kular President, along with S.Manjinder Singh Sachdeva General Secretary and Sh.Rajeev Jain Secretary, FICO strongly opposed the decision of Ludhiana Effluent Treatment Society & J.B.R Technologies, to increase the Charges for Effluent Treatment to Rs.0.81/- from Rs.0.69/-, which is almost 18% increase.
There is approximately 400000 Ltr of effluent being treated daily in Ludhiana, and the Ludhiana Treatment Plant is one of the latest plants available in global market today. So, with modern technique of treating the effluent, the prices should be decreased, rather the charges have been increased by 18%, which is a major increase, as industry is already going through a phase of crises. So, we request Director of Industries, who is also the chairman of Ludhiana Effluent Treatment Society to kindly roll back his decision of 18% hike in charges, to facilitate the industry in this period of Crunch, said S. Gurmeet Singh Kular President FICO.

Thursday, December 14, 2017