FEROZEPUR swimming pool lacks basic facilities


Swimming pool Ferozepur.

Ferozepur, July 16, 2013: The Punjab Government is spending crore of rupees for blooming sports by providing access to sports for all classes of citizens in all segments of society and to make available the funds to crate sports infrastructure, running of sports activities and organisations of tournaments at various levels, in the state of Punjab under the sports policy but despite all this, the players at the district-level are deprived of the basic facilities by the Sports Department and District Administration.

The dilapidated condition of local swimming pool in the complex of Zila Parishad speaks the arrangements for the players getting training of swimming.  There are no basic facilities available for the players despite the fact that heavy fee is being charged from them and the sports section of Zila Parishad authorities is showing their ignorance.  Not only this, the wash-rooms are so un-hygienic which could cause an epidemic at any time and it is about three month’s back when the swimming training was started. 

Apart from this, the Congress grass has grown up along the swimming pool and none has bothered to get it cleaned.  There is no arrangement for sitting of the parents of the children who come for training at the swimming pool. 

While talking to the parents of the children, they said, at the start of the season, heavy amount is charged as fee from each player wishing to learn swimming but the basic amenities are not being provided to them and they have arranged at their own for cleanliness of the campus at their own. 

It is pertinent to mention here that on the one hand, Punjab Government is making efforts at big level but on the other hand, the state and national level players, giving up the policy of sports department and district administration, are compelled to do practice in the poorly maintained swimming pools.

Sunil Sharma, District Sports Officer, on contacting is claiming that shortly the Swimming Pool will come under the administrative control of Sports Department but also reluctant to take over as the care taking of the swimming pool will have to be looked after by the Sports Department which would not be possible in view of no provision of funds the purpose.

The players and the parents of the players, have appealed to the Punjab Government, Sports Department and District Administration to provide the basic facilities in the swimming pool besides renovating it so that untoward incident happens in the future.

Pathetic condition of washroom of Swimming Pool at Ferozepur.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013