Exuberant talent exhibited by Divyam and Diksha of Innocent Hearts School in Badminton Zone 2

Exuberant talent exhibited by Divyam and Diksha

Divyam and Diksha.

Jalandhar, September 17, 2019: The student, Divyam Sachdeva, of class sixth, Green Model Town, exhibited a spectacular show by defeating the student of M.G.N under 14 in zone two and made his way to state level.
The team under 19 made us proud by winning the third position and Diksha Rattan is selected for state level. The student of class sixth Divyam has represented school innumerous time under fourteen. Few days back Divyam played under thirteen and bagged second prize.
The Principal, Rajeev Paliwal applauded Divyam and Diksha and encouraged them to tread the path for state level. “We are proud of both the talented students”, he said.
Dr. Anup Bowry (Secretary, Innocent Hearts) appreciated Sanjeev (H.O.D. SPORTS) and (coach of badminton) Ashwani for chiseling the students so well. He intimated the students who do so well will be appreciated, applauded and boost their spirits by giving them special fee concession.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019