Experts urge people to practice proning at home for covid-19 to improve oxygen level

People must contact administration on various helplines for any kind of help regarding covid

Experts urge people to practice proning at home for covid-19 to improve oxygen level

With the district was battling the scourge of the second wave of Covid pandemic and witnessing a catastrophic surge in Covid cases, the Sanjivani Group in association with the Ludhiana administration on Tuesday took to social media to dispel misinformation surrounding contagion and throw light on helpline numbers, home isolation and other to contain the pandemic. 

The experts emphasized proning exercise at home for Covid-19 patients with breathing discomfort which would help to improve oxygen level but would also reduce the load on administration in arranging life-saving gas. 

In a Facebook Live session by Sanjivani Group on the DPRO official page, renowned cardiologist Dr. Bishav Mohan, who as the moderator asked the questions on the behalf of residents to the expert Dr. Rajesh Mahajan and RTA secretary Sandeep Singh Garha from the administration's side for arrangements of Covid patients. 

Dr. Rajesh Mahajan said that those Covid patients, who have mild symptoms, do need CT scans after they were already undergone the RTPCR test. He added that they could take a multivitamin, vitamin C, and simple crocin tablet ( in case of persisten fever) during their quarantine period with strict monitoring of oxygen level not below 95.

He told that the people must continue to maintain wearing masks, social distancing, and hand hygiene to break the transmission chain. 

Answering the query of Covid patient, Dr. Mahajan told him to cover facemask even at homes to curtail the spread and any who has recovered from Covid must wait for four weeks for getting Covid jab. 

Dr. Mahajan also spoke about proning to improve oxygen levels to above 95. He added that lying face down was known as proning which was a medically accepted position to improve comfort and oxygenation. He told that if the oxygen level drops below 94, a patient in home isolation must lie on their belly as the position improves ventilation. 

The expert also told that the home isolation patients must practice proning by learning the correct way from their doctors. 

Meanwhile, RTA Secretary Sandeep Singh Garha told that the administration was adopting an effective mechanism for home isolated patients. He added that the department's staff members call daily them to inquire about their health status including oxygen levels, fever, cough, or other symptoms so that in case of anyone develops serious issues, they could be shifted to nearby health centres. 

He told that people could reach the administration on helpline numbers for home isolation (7814764759), for an ambulance (7814363850), for hospital problem (6284912553), for the general problem (6284531852),  for beds (6284912553), for oxygen (7837018500 and 0161-2421091), (9814718704) and (6284531852) for any kind of psychological help for Covid patients and 0161-2444193, 4622276.