Experience the Grandeur of Pracchand Ashok on COLORS: A Love Story That Altered History's Path

Popular actors Adnan Khan and Mallika Singh will be seen essaying the roles of Samrat Ashok and Princess Kaurwaki respectively

Experience the Grandeur of Pracchand Ashok on COLORS: A Love Story That Altered History's Path

The greatest love stories are not without their trials, but what happens when fate writes a timeless saga that changes the course of history? Witness the colossal power of love as COLORS takes the audience back in time to the glory of the Mauryan and Kalinga dynasty with its magnum opus 'Pracchand Ashok'. Making a stellar edition to its library of riveting love stories, the channel treats the viewers to the royal odyssey of Samrat Ashok and Princess Kaurwaki whose thirst for power and yearning for affection collide. After curating iconic franchises that were household favourites, COLORS and Balaji Telefilms unite to raise the bar of storytelling yet again with the historical romance that shaped destinies of empires. Starring actors Adnan Khan and Mallika Singh in the roles of Samrat Ashok and Princess Kaurwaki respectively and produced by Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Telefilms, ‘Pracchand Ashok’ premieres on 6th February, 2024 and airs every Monday – Friday at 10:00 pm only on COLORS.

'Pracchand Ashok' recounts the tale of Samrat Ashok and Princess Kaurwaki, two legends who are as different as day and night. While Kaurwaki dreams of a partner with a heart of gold, cherishing family values above all, Ashok is a relentless conqueror who thinks of family as a chink in one's armour and unafraid to spill blood for power. However, deep within, he harbours a burning desire to create a legacy, earning respect for his mother, who’s been treated no less than a maid in the kingdom and securing a place for himself in his father’s heart. Kaurwaki seeks a noble companion while Ashok wants to be feared, craving dominion over everyone. Amidst conflicting ideals and aspirations begins a love story that alters the history of bharatvarsh.

Popular actor Adnan Khan says, “Getting the chance to essay the role of Samrat Ashok is like living out a childhood fantasy. Joining the COLORS family, especially with a grand show like Pracchand Ashok, is an incredible opportunity to connect with its massive set of viewers across the country. I'm grateful to COLORS and Balaji Telefilms who have trusted me to embody a legend, whose life spans from the conquest to compassion. I promise that this show will enliven the historical romance on Indian television screens.”

On essaying the role of Princess Kaurwaki, Mallika Singh says, “Working with COLORS, a channel loved by many, and the incredible Ektaa R Kapoor is a dream come true. Princess Kaurwaki's huge role in Samrat Ashok's life and how she shaped history is a story that deserves to be told. I believe my calling as an actor through this show is to pay tribute to the legendary woman, who knew the power of love. I am beyond excited for my collaboration with COLORS and Balaji Telefilms and hoping that our hardwork pays off.”

‘Pracchand Ashok’ navigates the historical romance of Samrat Ashok and Princess Kaurwaki. Growing up with an unwavering belief in the potency of love, Kaurwaki stands in stark contrast to Ashok, who fosters hatred and animosity, oblivious to his destined path. She serves as a beacon of hope in his life. Additionally, a myriad of emotions intricately weaves Samrat Ashok's journey. From his indelible connection with his father to his relentless pursuit of respect and justice for his mother, every emotion is explored with depth and nuance, further adding layers to the narrative. Joining the stellar cast are seasoned actors such as Rakshanda Khan as Helena, Chetan Hansraj as Bindusar, Surendra Pal as Chandragupta Maurya, Manoj Kolhatkar as Chanakya, Aarush Shrivastava as Sushim, Dinesh Mehta as Subhandhu, Ankit Bhatia as Bhadrak, Shalini Chandran as Dharma, Leena Balodi as Salukkhavati, Manish Khanna as Padmanabhan.