Shares his fitness mantra in these testing times of lockdown

Aditya Ranvijay from Sony SAB's Baalveer Returns.

Aditya Ranvijay is basically from Moga, Punjab. His father is an officer in the Indian Army while his mother is a teacher  
What does fitness mean to you?
Fitness is a feel-good factor for me and is a significant aspect of my life. The more I focus on my fitness the better I feel. So, I have always ensured to keep fitness in my top priorities.
What is your fitness mantra?
My mother has always taught me, Jaisa Ann Waisa Mann Waisa Tann. What you eat and your state of mind has a significant impact on your fitness. So, ensuring that you eat in portions and healthy will instantly affect your fitness. My mantra is – Eat good, feel good and be fit.
How do you keep a healthy balance between your mind and body?
As a fitness enthusiast, I believe in incorporating heavy workout and pranayam in my workout routine. For my role as Bhaymaar in Baalveer Returns, the character demands me to look a certain way and remain fit. While sweating out all the toxins from my body helps in keeping the excess weight at bay, pranayam helps to relax my mind. Also, I like to include light reading mainly on content which makes you feel positive. There are so many avenues these days to consume content and I like to choose the ones that have a feel-good factor.
Following your demanding and hectic schedule, how do you manage to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle?
An artiste’s life can be very demanding. I used to wake up an hour early which was dedicated to my fitness routine, even when during the days when we had an early shift. I usually work out for an hour and home and then leave for the set. On the sets of Baalveer Returns as well, whenever I have some time in hand in between the shots, I use that time to do push-ups. It’s all about creating a balance and utilizing the time you have in ways that add value to your life.
What is your healthy snack option?
I prefer carrying dry fruits to the set or while travelling. They are the healthiest option to curb hunger pangs.
One food item you can’t resist?
Anything that has chocolate is something I cannot resist.
Any message for your fans?
I would say, treat your body as a temple and ensure that you follow healthy eating habits. As a practice, everyone should include at least one activity that pumps your heart and makes you sweat. If you follow these habits even in moderation, your body and mind will thank you in the long run.