DMCH Doc has become the first hematologist to donate stem cell donor in India


Ludhiana, December 7, 2018: Recently, a Donors and Recipients Special Meet was conducted by a NGO named DATRI foundation at Bengaluru. Dr Shruti Kakkar (Assistant Professor Department of Pediatrics & Incharge Thalassemia Unit) DMCH, who had got registered herself with DATRI during the drive at DMC&H Ludhaina in May 2017 and she was found to be a perfect match for five year old Vanshika Rohra of Mumbai who was thalassemic child.

DATRI has over 3,75,000 registered donors across India founded in 2009, has facilitate 468 transplantation.

Stem cell donation is a safe procedure, everyone should come forward, register and donate. The donor, who has already registered with DATRI, should undergo a blood test and his/her human leukocyte antigen (HLA). Anyone between 18-50 years of age can get registered as a voluntary stem cell donor.

Dr Shruti said it was an emotional meeting with her recipient Vanshika. She simply said “I have a son and now I met with my daughter”. She deals with 250 children with Thalassemia major patients in DMCH. There are many children who are waiting for the donors .We should all come forward for this noble cause and save the precious life of the children.

According to the Vanshika’s parents (Jhanvi and Neeraj) it was very heart rending meeting with the donor too who has saved our daughter life and it was very unpleasant movement for us to see her daughter go through the painful transfusion every month and they desperately wanted to meet the donor. They expressed their gratitude towards the donor.

Secretary of DMCH Managing Society-Sh Prem Kumar Gupta shared that DMCH is taking every possible effort to provide affordable treatment to patients of thalassemia at absolutely affordable rates. Every year, DMCH has been conducted voluntary blood donation camp for the thalassemic patients.

Recently thalassemia patient’s and parents meet was held at DMCH with the purpose of creating awareness regarding various aspect of thalassemia and its management.

DMCH Managing society appreciated this noble work of Dr Shruti Kakkar who has become the life saver of child and who brings joy on the face of parents of the thalassemia child.

Friday, December 7, 2018