Discussion on law and order in Chandigarh 

Revised rates of garbage collection also discussed

Discussion on law and order in Chandigarh 

Chandigarh: The executive committee meeting of Chandigarh Residents’ Associations Welfare Federation (CRAWFED) was held on 12 January 2020 at Community Centre Sector 15 Chandigarh at 10:30AM under the Chairmanship of Hitesh Puri. The meeting was attended by representatives of more than 83 RWAs across Chandigarh. The agenda of the meeting was discussion on law and order in Chandigarh and discussion on revised rates of garbage collection.

Chief Guest on this occasion was Sanjay Baniwal, Director General of Police, UT Chandigarh. 

CRAWFED demanded participation of RWA/CRAWFED representative to be a nominated Counsellor in Chandigarh Municipal Corporation to raise public voice effectively.

Rajat Malhotra General Secretary CRAWFED spoke on new garbage collection rates soon to be implemented by Municipal Corporation Chandigarh. He said MCC should take into confidence representatives of RWA’s before finalizing any enhancement in rates. He further added that residents were already paying a good amount for lifting garbage and there is no need to enhance the rates any further for same work. 

He also took up issue of regularization of need-based changes in CHB flats. He said that in a recent meeting with the Member of Parliament Kirron Kher he was hopeful that something positive might come up for long pending demand of regularization of need-based changes. He appealed to the residents not to make any new construction in their dwelling units as it on one side attracts demolition/cancellation of dwelling unit and on other side makes difficult for any political solution for bringing any type of solution to the problem.

Dr. Anish Garg Chief spokesperson CRAWFED said strict action is needed on people who are into begging in the name of religion like in case of people collecting cloths in name of Pingalwara etc..He said that installation of CCTV should be made mandatory in new registry’s/any new construction of residence/commercial property.

Maj. D P Singh Patron CRAWFED praised Chandigarh Police. SHO should have meeting with RWA’s every month, he said.

Surinder Sharma, Vice Chairman, CRAWFED took issue of too many vendors sitting in one place, which not only attracts anti-social elements but also a big nuisance to society.  

Hitesh Puri, Chairman, CRAWFED gave memorandum to Sanjay Baniwal. The points raised in this memorandum included regular meetings of SHO with members of RWA’s of their areas; safety of senior citizens living alone; installation of CCTV of high resolution mandatory at PG’s/guest houses and at eating places and Taverns; security of passengers in auto and cabs. He also appealed to the residents to cooperate with police and become ears and eyes of police in controlling crime.

Hitesh Puri further said proposed enhancement of water tariff and property tax should not be implemented in one go rather any future increase in cess/taxes should be consulted with residents/RWA/Federation before implementation. He said proper and effective sterilization of stray dogs should be made and this issue will be on the priority agenda in the coming time.

Dr. H K Kharbanda, renowned Public relations Consultant was honoured by Sanjay Baniwal for the services he has rendered to CRAWFED.

In his address, Sanjay Baniwal thanked members of CRAWFED. He said all the points taken up in memorandum are relevant. He emphasised on eSathi App. He requested everyone to download same in their mobile phones and become part of policing in Chandigarh. He spoke about benefits of this app. He appealed to the residents to make use of police beat kiosks installed in every sector and get their majority of their grievances resolved there and make best use of it. 

RWA members took a pledged that they shall download this app and motivate others also to download this app and make use of it.