Day-3 of GMMSA Expo India 2020

Energy saving and innovation remains dominant theme 

Day-3 of GMMSA Expo India 2020
Mohan Chawla – Project Head, GMMSA Expo India 2020 interacting with R. Saravanan - Director,Sales & Service,Stoll.

Ludhiana: This year the manufacturers showcasing their latest machines have focused keenly on saving energy and innovation at GMMSA Expo India 2020. The technology up gradation and development focussed on these two areas to drive profitability while keeping in mind the environmental impact industry has.
This effort was visible on 3rd day of the GMMSA EXPO INDIA - 2020 that witnessed a large number of visitors. People from various segments of the garmenting industry visited the exhibition, organised by GMMSA Expo India to get a glimpse of the latest technology that is available in the market.
Mr. Mohan Chawla – Project Head, GMMSA Expo India 2020 said, “There are plenty of machines that are faster and produce more, however, inventors have not left out the idea of energy saving. There is a growing urgency to save resources and for this, manufacturers are striving to make machines more energy efficient and highly productive thereby increasing efficiency.”
Mr. Ashok Kumar, Prop. Arrow Knitech said, “We deal in various machines for entire garmenting processes like knitting, sewing, pressing, leather stitching, shoe making and many more. Here in GMMSA Expo India 2020, we have on exhibit computerised flat bed knitting machines that can make stolls, sweaters, shoe uppers, t-shirts and many other garments that have huge demand in Ludhiana market. Our knitting machines have advantage over others in having almost 30% more production than normal machines thereby being more cost effective for the manufacturer.”
Mr Jayesh Shah, Director Indian Dyes Sales Corporation (IDSC) said that, “We are the sole selling distributors of Lancer Group since last 25 years for plastisol ink. This ink is used for garment printing, and the brand is very quality conscious using world class raw materials. We basically deal in specially products and have European standard certificates like DEKOTEX. Our products are mostly used in screen printing for garment and hosiery products. We also have MATSUI brand from JAPAN that deals in water based inks. This is the only world class Japanese Ink available in India.”
Mr. Ankur Gupta of Shori Chemicals said, "We believe that people will only get to know how well a particular machine performs when they can see it for themselves. So we have arranged live stations and you can see the machines working. Grafica screen printing by Ovaltex, High-speed sublimation printer, Promise roller fusing machine and Shaperjet 3D printer are some of the things that are on display at our stall. The printer by Graphica Flextronic can print 400 to 500 t-shirts in an hour and this machine is also being exported to other countries. India used to import printing machines till this company started manufacturing it in India itself.”
Mr Satyadev Goyal of India Agencies said, "Quicker machines mean that the production is more. With the betterment in technology the cost-effectiveness of a machine ensures that it is putting lesser pressure on the resources. The Jack sewing machines are known for their reliability, making them excellent machines that last longer and require lower maintenance."