Dalai Lama expresses sympathy with victims of tragic shooting at Las Vegas


Dharamshala, October 3, 2017: Tibetan religious leader, Dalai Lama began a four-day teaching on Chandrakirti’s Entering the Middle Way at The main Tibetan temple Thekchen Choeling Tsuglagkhang, in Mecleodganj in upper Dharamshala.
On the opening day Dalai Lama Expressing sympathy with the victims, on the tragic shooting of innocent public at a Las Vegas hotel recently, and said such tragedies caused by humans on fellow humans are despicable. He said such things arise due to a shortage of compassion and lack of respect for life.
The Noble Peace prize winner expressed sorrow at the growing violence and destruction in the world caused by a myopic worldview of ‘us vs. them’. He emphasised the oneness of humanity and called for a world based on the notion of universal brotherhood. Dalai Lama said , “If you keep harboring anger or jealousy towards others, it will be you who is at the loosing end, because you will remain mentally disturbed unless you resolve it.”
Dalai lama spoke about faith based on reason and logic rather than blindly following the religion that you are born into. He said, “While following any religion, including Buddhism, the practitioners should have a full understanding of the methods and concepts about that tradition.”

He further added , “Desire for happiness is universal to all sentient beings. However, unlike animals, we humans have an inborn faculty of thought. Therefore, we should use this faculty to develop happiness through love and compassion.”
Speaking about religious harmony, His Holiness the Dalai Lama lauded India for its shining example. “India is a land of diverse cultures and religions. Despite isolated incidents, all major religious traditions of the world exist peacefully in India which is a matter of great pride,” His Holiness said.
The teaching is organised at the request of a group of devotees from Taiwan. Over 5000 devotees from 69 different countries including local Tibetans from Dharamshala are attending the teachings
The teachings will continue for the next three days and will conclude on 6 October.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017