COVID-19: Uncertainty prevails across the world 

Need to distribute free cotton masks to the masses

COVID-19: Uncertainty prevails across the world 
Author-Rajat Kumar.

The World Health organization (WHO) has declared the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) outbreak a global pandemic as the novel corona virus continues to rapidly spread worldwide. The masses throughout the world are in dilemma that when medicine will be discovered to suppress the outbreak of COVID-19. 
As the masses throughout the globe are scared over the outbreak of COVID-19 and increase in the deaths due to COVID-19, similarly in many countries the global markets are being shut up to 31st March 2020. 
Now, there arises a question. Will the shutdown of the markets (business institutions) and outbreak of COVID-19 affect the economy? Yes. Certainly. As it seems that the slowdown of the economy cannot be ruled out in future keeping in mind the world wide spread of COVID-19. 
Many International Airlines have shut down their services and similarly in many countries they have warned their citizen’s to avoid travelling. In some countries the stores are running out of stock from essential commodities due to panic among the masses by making bulk purchases.
But, how long will COVID-19 keep on creating panic among the masses. The share markets index throughout the world is showing decline trends (deflation). 
I strongly feel that the WHO should announce that the Health Departments should distribute free cotton masks to the masses. 
Meanwhile, the Media has been played effective and positive role in creating awareness among the masses with regard to updates about COVID-19.