COVID 19: Ludhiana residents can now use COVA App to order grocery and other essentials

More than 100 shopkeepers get registered in District Ludhiana: ADC (D) Amrit Singh

COVID 19: Ludhiana residents can now use COVA App to order grocery and other essentials
Mrs Amrit Singh, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Development), Ludhiana.

Ludhiana: Ludhiana residents can now use the government’s unique COVA App to request for delivery of essential goods and grocery amid the COVID-19 clampdown.
The government has expanded the App to cover such delivery, thus reaching out more effectively to the people. 
    Under this initiative, the App, available on Android PlayStore and iOS AppStore, will facilitate delivery of grocery and essential goods, as notified by the government, through local vendors.
    Additional Deputy Commissioner (Development) Mrs Amrit Singh informed that 100 shopkeepers have got themselves registered with this mobile app in district Ludhiana. She informed that the residents can order, dairy, fruits, vegetables and medicines through home delivery by using this app. She has also appealed to other shopkeepers to get themselves registered with this app and help the residents in this hour of need. She said that the process of getting registered with this app is very simple.
    The move is aimed at helping citizens access essential services during the lockdown easily, while also enabling vendors maintain the supply and deliver to people’s homes with appropriate passes. This app shall enable the vendors register themselves as a suppliers and enlist their delivery executives for passes. This shall also empower the district administration to approve/reject the vendor, and also act as a monitoring authority if a complaint is registered by the citizen on the grounds of overpricing or adulteration.
    The citizen shall only need to select his/her location and the App shall populate the nearby vendors. The citizen can place an order on the App itself and pay post-delivery of the items.
    This is an additional feature in the App which was already providing solutions to help citizens access authentic information, report gatherings, access medical advice from doctors.