Chitkara University launches Funky Friday Event series

Stand-up comic Zakir Khan performs for students

Chitkara University launches Funky Friday Event series

Chandigarh: Chitkara University hosted prominent Indian stand-up comic Zakir Khan as a part of its Funky Friday initiative. Keeping student’s holistic emotionalwellbeing during these months at the fore, Chitkara University hosts celebrities and entertainers under its ‘Funky Friday’ Initiative, every Friday.

Chitkara University, a pioneer in offering industry-led courses, e-learning based pedagogy, and student wellbeing best practices has introduced a series of celebrity interaction e-events for its students. Whether it is a blend of sport and extra-curriculars or creation of spaces for student interactions, Chitkara University has always laid emphasis on the holistic emotional wellbeing of its students. To help students connect with each other, stay entertained, and seek inspiration from people who have made mark in entertainment industry, Chitkara University has launched a series of e-events called ‘Funky Friday’.

Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Pro-Chancellor of Chitkara University, shared during the launch that, “Chitkara University has always strived to help our students emerge as holistic and humane professionals. The lockdown has constrained student movement and has also led to mounting stress in the student community nationwide. In this background, Chitkara University decided to stand by its students and provide them with opportunities to interact with youth icons from the entertainment industry and get inspired.”

The ‘Funky Friday’ involves performances and student interaction by youth icons every Friday in an e-format every Friday. The celebrities that have interacted with students include Apaarshakti Khurana (Stree-fame) and Zakir Khan (stand-up comic).
Zakir Khan, one of India’s most loved stand-up comic performed for students, and interacted with them. Born in Indore, and known for his Amazon Prime appearances in ‘Chacha Vidhayakhain Hamarey’ and hugely popular ‘Haq se Single’, Zakir is known for his grounded and everyday humour. Zakir has students and staff in splits with his much loved ‘Sakht launda’ set of jokes.

In his trademark candid delivery and use of simple words, Zakir engaged with more than 3,000 students and cracked jokes on engineering life, Punjabi songs, relationships, weddings, talking to your girlfriend and childhood love, and career. Zakir also talked about his struggle years to help students believe in themselves and stay focussed on the long-term goal. Zakir shared his struggles while moving from small towns to big towns, his relationship with his father, hisinitial career hiccups and his take on internships. Zakir also shared life instances that youngsters can relate to like his life working as a radio intern and struggles in Delhi before moving to Mumbai.

In addition to ‘Funky Friday’, the university has and continues to arrange more such interactions by inviting prominent academics, and industry leaders to interact with students and help create seasoned, inspired and holistically healthy professionals.