Chinese New Year celebrations at RED restaurant, Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana


Ludhiana, February 19, 2018: To celebrate Chinese new year 2018 food festival is on at Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana since February 16 and will continue till February 24 the hotel’s Chinese restaurant, RED (Rare Eastern Dining). The festival coincides with the Chinese New Year, which started on February 16. The special menu has been crafted by Chef Chandan.

According to the Chinese calendar this is the Year of the Dog. Colourful calligraphy called ‘Chunlian’ (spring couplet) is as popular as that for Halloween or Christmas. “Gung Hee Fat Choy” is a phrase commonly used to wish someone a Happy New Year and FU as goodluck. The Chinese civilization dates back to 5000 years and has a splendid culinary culture developed over the centuries. Chef Chandan told new menu was launched for the festival. The dishes which have been carefully chosen from eight types of Chinese food — Szechwan, Hunan, Cantonese, Shandung, Anhui, Zhejiang and Beijing.

Explaining the menu Chef Chandan said, “The non-vegetarian starters includes Hunan Prawns, Mala Yu Pian, Crispy Fish wok tossed Steam Fish in Chili Black Bean & Soy, Beijing Duck, Crispy BBQ duck, pan cake, scallion, cucumber & plum sauce, Chongqing Chicken, Diced chicken, Shanghai Chicken, Sliced Chicken tossed with Celery & Mushroom, Pan Fried Chicken Jiaozi and Steamed & pan fried Sichuan chicken dumplings. Besides it Wok tossed whole crab in a fragrant and piquant black pepper sauce, Braised Lobster in XO sauce, Spicy Sichuan – style Prawns, Stir fried prawns with a ginger and chili bean sauce, Stuffed Fish, Classic River Sole, Kou Shui Ji, Bai Qie Ji and San Bei Ji”, he further added.

The vegetarian fare includes Cujiao Tofu, Crispy Mushroom, Veg.salt & pepper, Vegetable Spring Roll, Ginger Chili Bean Eggplant, Schezwan Vegetable Jiaozi and Steamed Spicy Vegetables Dumplings. Besides its vegetarian can tickle there taste bud with Eve’s Choice, Buddha Delight, Suan La Bai Cai, Asian Green and Crescent Delight.

Monday, February 19, 2018