BJP sets Mission 2023 to return to power in Rajasthan

BJP sets Mission 2023 to return to power in Rajasthan
Source: IANS

Jaipur, Sep 23 (IANS) The BJP, in its 2-day chintan shivir organised in Kumbhalgarh, held deliberations on Mission 2023 and pledged to remove the perception in Rajasthan that power gets shifted after every five years.

"In one of our goals under Mission 2023, we want to end the notion that power slips in alternate hands in Rajasthan after every five years. With the blessings of people, we will end this notion and shall ensure that BJP forms government each time voting is held in the state," said Satish Poonia, party's state president.

"The organization will become stronger and we will be more vocal on political issues. I see the future of BJP very bright in Rajasthan, we will be able to break the old belief and shall form the government following the plans set under mission 2023. To return to power and to stay elected thereafter, the party is working hard," he added.

The two-day chintan shivir was held on Monday and Tuesday under the guidance of BJP's National General Secretary (Organization) B.L. Santhosh.

Poonia said, "We will work to give shape to the ideas of nationalism and follow 'Antyodaya' on ground. We have been energised by the guidance of our organization's general secretary B.L. Santhosh."