Baalveer in race with Timnasa 

Wants to capture only power that can destroy the evil

Baalveer in race with Timnasa 
Vansh Sayani as Baalveer on Sony SAB's Baalveer Returns.

Vivaan (Vansh Sayani) and Timnasa (Pavitra Punia) come face to face as the race to reach the ultimate source of power begins. The moment of capturing the ultimate power against Timnasa is finally here. Vivaan aka Baalveer, Nakabposh (Dev Joshi) and Ananya (Anahita Bhooshan) have found the location of the only power source that can defeat Timnasa, but the journey is not going to be that easy. Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns will witness an entire week of thrilling episodes with nail-biting twists as 'Team Shadow' embark on a journey that can bring them a step closer to defeat Bhayrani Timnasa.
After coming to terms with his real identity and fighting his inner battles, Vivaan accepts his fate to be the chosen one who can kill Timnasa. Shaurya tells Vivaan that Sarvakaal is changing his shape and will be transforming soon. It is this energy that Vivaan must possess before Sarvakaal’s complete transformation, to be able to fight and defeat Timnasa. The journey begins but as Vivaan, Nakabposh and Ananya are about to reach Sarvakaal’s location, it transforms, and the entire place turns into a deadly maze and presents a challenge at each level in the form of three doors. Now, the trio needs to cross these three doors to possess the energy. Things take a violent turn when Timnasa learns this and fights them to reach the final door herself.
Team Shadow is set to fight the most challenging battles so far which will make them choose between the safety of their loved ones or claiming the only power that can kill Timnasa and save the world from her threat.
What does each door hold behind it? Will Vivaan reach the final third door in time?
Vansh Sayani, essaying the role of Vivaan said, “Vivaan will be faced by challenges which will test him emotionally, mentally and physically. Defeating Timnasa is not easy and this final maze is set to raise the bar of this ultimate fight. Vivaan will have to think quick at each stage as the time is running and he cannot lose this battle. Stay tuned and wish Vivaan the best in this final mission.”
Pavitra Punia, essaying the role of Timnasa said, “Timnasa has learnt that team shadow has found the only weapon against her. She will do everything in her power to stop Vivaan and his team from reaching it. The upcoming episodes will witness the three deadly door which will be made deadlier by Timnasa and the world’s existence will be under question. The battle has begun and Timnasa is set to be fiercer than ever. So stay tuned and witness the most thrilling week with unexpected twists created by Timnasa.”