Archana Damohe: "Meri Doli Mere Angana reminds me of my childhood!"

 Archana Damohe:
Archana Damohe.

Gomati Devi (DADI) Endearing and versatile actress, Archana Damohe is the most admired dadi on television. Currently seen on India's First Hindi Rural Entertainment Channel, Azaad's new show, Meri Doli Mere Angana, Archana is once again wowing audiences. Hailing from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Archana has vast work experience in many successful shows as a writer & actress. She has worked as an independent writer in Swaminarayan, Prannath, Tujh sang Preet Lagai Sajana, Bachcha Party, Kahe Diya Pardes, Tu Ankhi Mu Aaina, Crime Alert, Crime Petrol. As an Actor, her best work includes Ajeeb Dastan, Gubbare, Rishtey, Aan, Preet Naa Jane Reet, Talaaq Kyon, Raj ki ek Baat, Kasam, 1857 Kranti and her current show, Meri Doli Mere Angana.
What made you accept Azaad’s new show Meri Doli Mere Angana?
To be a part of such a glorious channel Azaad and its first prime time original show, Meri Doli Mere Angana, is a privilege for me because we are especially creating this show for 80 percent of audiences in villages and rural areas whom nobody ever thought of.  Our channel has a tag line " Hamari Mitti Hamara Aasman" and this line has a beautiful meaning in itself. Being in a show which would make an impact on 80 percent of our country's population is a very pleasing moment in an actor's life.
Tell us about your role in the show?
In this show, I am playing the role of the head of the family Gomti Devi Singh. She is the mother figure for the whole family. She is the most disciplined person and is still grounded with her customs and traditions. The only thing that is important to her is her culture and she is the only person who has kept her family from falling apart by sometimes scolding at them and sometimes showering love. A sweet yet strict, old lady with a high values and principles, down to earth and is very rooted in old tradition. She is a straight forward woman who is not partial for right and wrong. She is a mother of two sons and a daughter.
Azaad is for the rural audiences? What is in the story that makes it different from other shows?
Our show is different from other shows because this story is about joint family relationships in which there is culture, traditions and honest family relationships. This story is very simple and easy for any age group, cast and creed. They would experience a mirror like life image of their own life journey by watching this show
How did you prepare for the show?
I didn't have to prepare much for the show as my ancestors belong from Kanpur and Bithoor and our story is set in these places only. Whenever I shoot for this show, there are sometimes when I start thinking about my childhood days as the characters of the show and so many things are in common with my real family members and that's why this show is so close to my heart.
How is it shooting in the middle of the ongoing pandemic?
We all were very scared to shoot during this ongoing COVID pandemic but while we were shooting, all our worries are no more a problem because the channel and the production house were more worried and took all precautious to ensure our safety. They have followed all the protocols that have been made by the government for our safety.
Tell us about your early years and how you became an actor?
I always had a knack for acting right from my school days. It continued further during my college days. I would participate in multiple shows. By being a part of Indore's theatre groups, ARANK, I learned the invaluable tricks of the trade and the nuances of acting. Sanskrit show Bhagvadajjukam and Vasant Sabnis Sainya Bhaye Kotval, Mohan Rakesh Adhe Adhure. Manto Toba Tek Singh act. This paused for a bit when I moved to Mumbai after marriage. But when I got the chance to enter the field again, all I was thinking about was acting despite holding a Master’s degree in History. I could've easily become a teacher or tutor somewhere, but acting was all I cared about. It felt like deja vu again, I was back doing theatre shows with Satyanveshi group At Prithvi Theatre's platform, Miss Mandira Kashyap offered me a role in a Star Plus show Ajeeb Daastan. Since then, I have been working in Hindi, Rajasthani, Bhojpuri and Marathi TV shows over the last 20 years. Apart from acting, I was also deeply invested in writing stories and dialogues for shows. So, when the responsibilities of family came through, I resorted to writing. In 2017, I was back on the TV screen, this time for 2 Marathi shows - Kahe Diya Pardes and Baalumama Cha Navana Chaangbhala. And then of course, COVID-19 lockdown hit us all. But then, I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to act again, thanks to Azaad TV and Tell a Tale Media for the wonderful show Meri Doli Mere Angana. I have been enjoying every single moment of this journey so far.
Tell us about your work done so far?
I'm a writer and actor and been lucky to get some amazing assignments. I've worked as an independent writer in Swaminarayan, Prannath, Tujh sang Preet Lagai Sajana, Bachcha Party, Kahe Diya Pardes, Tu Ankhi Mu Aaina, Crime Alert, Crime Petrol and MDMA. As an Actor, her best work includes Ajeeb Dastan, Gubbare, Rishtey, Aan, Preet Naa Jane Reet, Talaaq Kyon, Raj ki ek Baat, Kasam, 1857 Kranti and my current show, Meri Doli Mere Angana.
Why is working on TV appealing to you?
Working on TV helps us reach millions of people from their houses. We can have a great impact on them, their life, their family members and we can also get so much of their blessings and love. This is not possible through any other medium.
What’s your favorite hobby?
I love writing and acting which is my profession and also, I love reading books and novels.
Which is the place you would like to holiday in?
In India I live going to Kashmir and Kerala and if we talk about foreign countries, I would want to go to Mauritius.
What is important to you?
The most important thing for me in my life is my family and my work. Then its my work place and the people I work with.
 Being Azaad means what for you? Why is working on TV appealing to you?
 It is my privilege and gratitude that today I also got to be a part of Azaad family. It is a life like   experience to work with them. The people and our entire team is so down to earth, soft spoken and full of etiquette. To work in such a positive and nice surrounding, I feel happy and peaceful.