APICON & Ranbaxy Attempt to break Guinness World Records


Aiming to creating the World’s Largest Vegetable Heart Mosaic
Ludhiana, February 17, 2014:  The 69th Annual Conference of the Association of Physicians of India is being organised by the Association of Physicians of India at Ludhiana from February 20-23 (APICON 2014).  The theme this year focuses on ‘Generating Indian Evidence.’  APICON is being held in the state of Punjab after 50 years.
The prevalence of heart disease is among the highest in south Asians. Indian population on an average have heart attacks 10 years earlier than other races. This is primarily because we have genetic predilection for CAD. In India due to change in lifestyle and urbanization diet has changed and consequently the prevalence of CAD has increased. The APICON Ludhiana 2014 along with Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited (Ranbaxy) is attempting to create awareness amongst doctors and general public the merits of eating our traditional diet rich in vegetables. They are attempting to also break the Guinness book of world records by creating the biggest heart mosaic with vegetables on 21st February 2014. The current record for the largest vegetable mosaic measures 402 m² (4,327 ft² 10 in²) and was achieved by Inami-town World Record Challenge Executive Committee (Japan) at Inamino Sports Center in Kako, Hyogo, Japan, on 11 January 2014.  
Dr. G S Wander, Chairman, Organising Committee APICON 2014 said, “With modern day sedentary lifestyle, stress and unhealthy diets, there has been a sudden increase in incidence of non-communicable diseases. 1 in every 4, above the age of 30 today is suffering from hypertension. The prevalence of diabetes among adults is ~ 8% in rural population and ~ 15% in urban adults. Similarly the prevalence of coronary artery disease is 10% in urban and 5%  in rural adult population. This significant divide is due to unhealthy life style of urbanites which includes sedentary life style, unhealthy diet rich in fast food and greater stress and strain in them. A change in life style to same as our forefathers with greater exercise, diet rich in vegetables and strong family support and values can reduce the prevalence of these diseases. Prevention of diseases is a very important motto of the association of physicians of India. APICON holds public awareness lectures, camps and releases informative guidelines for Indians regarding how to prevent these diseases.”
Rajeev Sibal, Vice President & Head-India Region, Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. quoted, “At Ranbaxy, we are guided by our paramount Philosophy of ‘Quality and Patients First.’ This drives and motivates us to go beyond boundaries for our patient’s good health and wellness.  Since 2009, through our Fit Heart Movement, we have been actively working towards spreading awareness on preventing heart diseases in India. We are thus attempting to create the world’s largest vegetable mosaic and spread the message of ‘Food for Healthy Heart’, thereby encouraging people to adopt healthy lifestyle and add vegetables to their daily diet”.
More than 1000 participants, at the APICON conference complex will actively participate to create the vegetable heart mosaic measuring 4900 sq. ft. Post the event, APICON and Ranbaxy will distribute the vegetables to charity homes.
Other key highlights at the conference include live workshops on echocardiography, mechanical ventilation, neurology and pain management apart from discussion on medical breakthroughs, regenerative medicine, and technology in clinical medicine, advances in stem cell therapy, cardiac diseases and emerging infections.
To enhance the overall APICON educational experience APICON Ludhiana 2014 has also launched a free mobile application of the conference. This application is to facilitate attendees to navigate through the six parallel sessions and help them plan their schedule, get reminders before start of the programme.// ludhiana news online, ludhiana news in English, ludhiana news, ludhiana current news, ludhiana news live, Ludhiana breaking news, Ludhiana headlines, Ludhiana latest news, punjab news, india news, punjab news live, punjab news online, punjab news, punjab news headlines, punjab breaking news, india news, punjab news,


Monday, February 17, 2014