Anniversary of Demonetization observed as Black Day by CPI Ludhiana


Ludhiana, November 8, 2017: The assessment of the Communist Party of India has come to be true after one year of demonetization. The whole exercise which was done as a political gimmick and not an economic one led to closure of small scale industry and business in large number and job losses leaving the poor man in economic crisis.
Addressing a rally on the first anniversary of the demonetization which was organized at Rishi Nagar Ludhiana by the CPI to observe it as a Black Day, Dr Arun Mitra, Assistant Secretary of the district unit of the party said that as a result of demonetization country’s GDP has come down by more than 2.3%. Neither the black money has been unearthed as was said by the Prime Minister last year nor terrorism has been controlled as was repeatedly claimed by the government. The whole exercise was done to collect money from ordinary citizens to strengthen the banks economic situation because government does not want to recover 13 lakh crore rupees which is as NPA towards the corporate sector. After this GST was introduced which has further hit the common man hard. Ironically even though over 100 people died in the queues outside the banks, the prime minister has not uttered a single word about it till date. After having failed to solve the problems of the people on all accounts the Modi led BJP government is out to spread communalism and split the society. This is a warning signal for the country. After the rally a procession was taken out to the Humbran Road.
Others who addressed include Com Gurnam Sidhu, Randhir Singh Dhira, Ramesh Rattan, Kulwant Kaur, Anod Kumar, Ramadhar Singh and Suraj Kumar.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017