Anita Kulkarni Ready interview for Mangalam Dangalam


Anita Kulkarni - Mangalam Dangalam - Sony SAB.

“The show is about a very protective father who doesn’t want his daughter to marry.” ~ Anita Kulkarni as Charulata Kutty in Sony SAB’s Mangalam Dangalam

Q: Please tell us about your character on the show.

Anita: My character, Charulata Kutty, is that of a very strict professor who is like that at home as well. However, she is a simple lady in person and much disciplined in life. She has raised her kids the same way.

Q: What made you say yes to the show?

Anita: After a long time, I have got a chance to do comedy. When I auditioned for this character, I loved it because it was something different from the regular daily soaps and saas bahu dramas. This was the main reason, another one being that the shoot location is very close to my place.

Q: What sets Mangalam Dangalam apart from the other television shows?

Anita: Mangalam Dangalam shows a nice little bickering between the father in-law and son in-law. The show is about a very protective father who doesn’t want his daughter to marry. I think that is the best part about the show because it is opposite to the common ideology of getting every girl married and happily settled, this happens only in rare cases. The father in this show wants to be very sure of the guy who wants to marry his daughter, which is the best of the characteristic of the father in-law.

Q: What do you think should be ideal characteristics of a daughter in-law?

Anita: I don’t think any particular characteristics need to be compulsorily present. Everyone should be the way they are and the way they like. Why should a daughter-in-law always change herself and make compromises just for a family who wouldn’t do the same for her! If the family does even half of what the girl does, then I believe every household will be a happy family in this country.

Q: We are aware that you have already started shooting. So how has it been working with actors of different age groups and how has the experience been till now?

Anita: Yes, I love my family here and we have gelled so well. We have become so close that it does not feel like we are together just for the show.

Q: Do you relate to your character ‘Charulata’ in the show?

Anita: Yeah, in certain ways I do. I am a particular about cleanliness and discipline. I also feel some things should be sorted in life, so that half of our tensions are eliminated. Usually, in families, only one person keeps working and all others pile things on that single individual. So, I feel that if discipline is a part of everyone, then a lady - a mother, wife or daughter in-law - will have less burden on her and be able to spare some time for herself as well. In my personal life, as well, I make sure my husband and son keep their things in place according to them.

Q: How is your rapport with your on-screen son Karanvir?

Anita: He is an introvert and very nice and sober whenever we meet. However, since the shooting has just begun, I am sure the rapport will develop even further as we go along.

Q: Do you think youngsters today value their parents’ opinion when it comes to choosing their life partner?

Anita: I really don’t know about this. As long as my son doesn’t grow up to that age, I would not be able to talk about it. I really cannot tell about the others.

Q: Any message you would like to give to your viewers?

Anita: I have just one message to give. The way a daughter in-law sacrifices her own happiness for her in-laws and the family, similarly they too should also accept her just the way she is, and also understand her.

Sunday, November 4, 2018