An extensive guide to SBI health insurance policy

An extensive guide to SBI health insurance policy
Health insurances cover medical emergencies that can arise at any moment.

One cannot help but notice the appearance of SBI health insurance on the list of top policies available in India. The SBI General Insurance Company is the proud owner of some exclusively designed health insurance plans. Within just 10 years in the insurance market, the kind of popularity and acceptance earned by the company is commendable. It takes care of consumer needs as well as their pocket while serving as a reliable financial backup during a medical crisis. 
The company has successfully provided insurance coverage to over five million people across the country. The network coverage of SBI health insurance covers about 3000 hospitals, 23,000 branches, and a large assortment of happy customers in India. One can avail a balanced insurance plan that weighs equal in money and benefits. The wide spectrum of plans caters to the needs of every possible health treatment.

Why Choose SBI Health Insurance Policy?
There are a dozen compelling reasons to choose any of the eight health insurance plans served by SBI General. As long as a product is economical and beneficial, the result is always “happy customers”. 
Affordable Comprehensive plans 
In general, regular insurance premiums are cheaper than comprehensive plans but the latter one is more desirable for buyers. SBI health insurance policies try to bring a balance between the two so that consumers can afford better coverages and riders. 
●    The insured sum of all plans ranges between 50,000 and 5 lakhs. 
●    Most of the plans offer family floater coverages including spouse, parents, two children, and parents-in-law. 
●    The premiere plans are divided into three sub-categories - metro, semi-metro and rest of India. 
●    The tax exemption law is applicable on every plan. 
Consumer-Friendly Terms 
The terms and conditions of every SBI health insurance plan take care of customer convenience. 
●    There is no need for any pre-plan medical test for individuals aged 45 years or below. 
●    Almost every plan offers a waiting period of 4 years for pre-existing diseases which is one of the lowest in the market. 
●    A free annual health check worth INR 2,500 is provided after 4 claim-free years. 
●    All the plans offer lifetime renewability so need to worry about the plan term.  
Commendable Customer Services 
The customer service department of SBI General is at service 24x7 for solving any form of queries of the buyers. 
●    SBI health insurance plans are easily customizable as per the budget and requirements of the buyers. There are several add-on covers like ambulance coverage, consultation charges, and removal of sub-limits on an operation, etc. 
●    SBI offers the cashless facility of payment at almost 3000 hospitals across the country. 
●    Easy online purchase and renewal options are also available for a hassle-free experience of customers. 
What Is Covered Under SBI Health Insurance Policy?
SBI General offers the following coverages under health insurance plans:
●    In-patient pre and post hospitalisation expenses including room and service charges, child care, parental care, ambulance charges, nursing and warding charges, domiciliary hospitalization and alternative treatments, etc. 
●    Fees charged by health consultants and medical specialists are also covered. 
●    Day surgery procedures like dialysis, chemotherapy, tonsillectomy, dental surgery, eye surgery, etc. 
●    Free annual medical check-up after 4 claim-free years. 
●    Additional treatment cover including Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani treatments.  
What Is Not Covered By SBI Health Insurance Policy? 
Although SBI General thrives at serving almost all the best coverages and riders that one can avail, there are exceptions to it. Few circumstances are not covered under the plans so the insured individuals are not liable to claim insurance for those medical crises. 
●    Any claims made by a customer for any kind of medical emergency or injury arising due to a pre-existing illness are not covered by the company before completion of 4 years. This is exempted from the SBI General critical insurance policy which has a defined waiting period of 90 days. 
●    The cost incurred for any type of injury or hospitalization within the first 30 days of the policy. 
●    Treatments or medical check-ups required for Hernia is not covered for the initial 1 year of the plan. 
●    Alternative treatments like Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reflexology, Osteopathy, or Naturopathy, etc. are not included in the plans. 
●    Treatment expenses required for HIV positive or AIDS  patients are excluded from the plan. 
●    Any claim made for joint replacement treatments or surgery before completion of the predefined waiting period. 
●    Cataract or Hysterectomy surgeries or check-up costs cannot be claimed before 2 years of completion of the waiting period. 
●    Patients suffering from drug abuse or illness caused by excessive alcohol consumption or intoxication do not get insurance any claim for their treatment. 

SBI health insurance policies are all exclusively crafted by experts to bring balance to the plans so that one can afford comprehensive covers without burning a hole in the pocket. With convenient e-payment options and online renewal facilities, customers do not have to look over their shoulder for financial help during medical crises.