Amazon Research Days 2023 showcased Amazon's brilliance in machine learning and artificial intelligence

The 7th Edition featured Keynotes by Technology Leaders and Sessions on Generative AI, Deep Learning, Graph Machine Learning Research, Among Other Topics

Amazon Research Days 2023 showcased Amazon's brilliance in machine learning and artificial intelligence
Rajeev Rastogi, Vice President, Machine Learning at Amazon.

Chandigarh, December 1, 2023: Amazon India today held its annual Amazon Research Days (ARD) in Bengaluru. This event served as an interactive platform for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts from Amazon, industry, and academia to connect, share ideas and best practices, and explore the latest advancements in these fields.

The 7th edition of ARD featured keynote presentations from prominent technology leaders, along with insightful sessions on Generative AI, Large Language Models, Graph Neural Networks, Robotics, Responsible AI, and more. The conference also hosted esteemed speakers from Amazon and across academia, including Rajeev Rastogi, VP of International ML at Amazon; Dan Roth, Distinguished Scientist at Amazon AWS and the University of Pennsylvania; Sayan Ranu, Professor at IIT-Delhi; Ian Reid, Professor at the University of Adelaide and MBZUAI Abu Dhabi; Julia Hirschberg, Professor at Columbia University; Mitesh Khapra, Professor at IIT-Chennai; Monojit Choudhury, Principal Research Scientist at Microsoft Turing; and Parag Singla, Professor at IIT-Delhi.

Amazon curated a compelling lineup of talks and sessions covering the latest innovations and research directions in the ML and AI domain. Some of the key highlights included:
•         Graph Machine Learning Research at AWS AI
•         CV, ML, NLP, and Robotics for Common-sense Robots
•         Towards Feature-inductive GNNs for Learning on Heterogeneous and Dynamic Feature Sets
•         Responsible AI in Large Language Models
•         Forecasting E-commerce Product Trends using Deep Learning
•         Panel discussion on Generative AI and the future of technology

“At Amazon, we are committed to leveraging the power of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to meet the needs of our customers and sellers. The dynamic nature of this field demands continuous learning and exploration of technological advancements, both within Amazon and across the industry. Amazon Research Days (ARD) is an annual event we have been organizing in Bangalore for the past seven years. It serves as a convergence point for the ML and AI communities, bringing together academic and industry experts from India and around the world. ARD has been an influential platform for ML and AI researchers and practitioners where ideas meet innovations and they engage holistically to exchange knowledge and broaden their horizons.” said Rajeev Rastogi, Vice President, Machine Learning at Amazon.

Amazon Research Days 2023 was an enriching and stimulating event for individuals with keen interest in the cutting-edge developments in ML and AI. The event attracted participation from nearly 1500 members in-person as well as on their virtual platform. These attendees range from students and academicians to industry leaders in ML, both within and outside Amazon.