Amarinder hogging cheap publicity on Modi govt schemes: Chugh

Amarinder hogging cheap publicity on Modi govt schemes: Chugh
Tarun Chugh (National Secretary BJP).

Chandigarh: BJP National General Secretary Tarun chugh today condemned Punjab chief Minister Amarinder Singh for hogging all the publicity in the centrally funded schemes to project his image. 

In a statement Chugh said that it's a matter of shame that the  dream schemes of prime Minister Narendra modi were being branded as Amarinder Singh's scheme in Punjab for hogging deceptive and cheap publicity.

He said the Modi government dream projects like smart city, hriday project and Amrut project are carrying stamp of Amarinder Singh though he has nothing to do with it. 

Chugh said it reflected bankruptcy of the Amarinder Singh government which has failed to fulfill election promises it made in  2017 and is now finding glory in the Modi government schemes.

Chugh said the development of historical towns like Ludhiana,  Jalandhar, Amritsar,  Sultanpur Lodhi, Khanna etc was being done under the Central schemes allocating crores of rupees which Amarinder government is claiming to be it's achievement. 

Chugh said the Amarinder government has insulted the federal structure by not honouring the central contributions and instead deceptively protecting as the Punjab government achievements through media advertisements worth crores of rupees. 

Chugh said the Modi government recommended urban development projects worth Rs 1087 crores which included Rs 39.44 cr for Ludhiana,  Rs 20.46 cr for Jalandhar,  Rs 742 cr for  Amritsar Rs 134 cr for  Sultanpur Lodhi  which will prove landmark for Punjab but Amarinder Singh would cheaply get credit for it while it has failed to do anything for the state in the last four years.