Accept, listen and understand diverse views to build a strong nation: Pilot

Accept, listen and understand diverse views to build a strong nation: Pilot
Sachin Pilot. (Photo: [email protected]). Source: IANS

By Archana Sharma

Jaipur: India can become a global power following democratic norms of accepting, listening and understanding different views and ideologies. We need to move ahead while building a consensus on what is best for the nation, says Sachin Pilot, former deputy CM and ex-PCC chief of Rajasthan who created a record by becoming the youngest Member of Parliament in 2004 at the age of 26.

The young politician sharing his ideas to make India a global power says, "In a democratic country, the role of a different opinion is as important as that of a dominant opinion. We need to accept, listen and understand different views, ideologies and thoughts to build a consensus for what comes best for India and move forward."

Pilot has been a former deputy CM of Rajasthan. He says, "What we have to do as a country and as a society is to be a role model and a beacon for the entire world, this will help India gain a global status for our country and help us emerge as a global power."

"Since the last half a decade, there is non acceptance of views. Hence, there is a need to go 75 years back to the year 1947 to know how we stayed united despite having so many ideologies, so many princely states, so many diverse views but ultimately, we came together as a nation."

This is the time when we need to inculcate the same value system to build a strong India. Much has been done but a lot more needs to be done, he told IANS.

Pilot said, "Elections will come and go, parties will come and go, governments shall come and go but the nation shall always be there and this nation needs to be strong. For building a strong nation, every voice should be heard, no matter how marginalized we are."

He added, "India is one of the youngest nations and we as politicians owe a lot to this generation. We need to evaluate how many economic opportunities we can provide to the young generation."

"Are we able to provide them the ecosystem which they deserve? Their talent is far more stronger and hence young India expects political leadership across parties to come together."