AAP condemns alleged attack at Manish Sisodia's residence 

Stands firm with peasants in this hour of strife

AAP condemns alleged attack at Manish Sisodia's residence 

Ludhiana: The district unit of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab has strongly condemned the recent alleged attack at the residence of Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Munish Sisodia.  

"The BJP, alarmed by the farmers' massive movement, is now resorting to such despicable acts to target those who are supporting the farmers in their ongoing struggle," said Aman Mohie joint secretary Punjab and Suresh Goyal (District in charge (Urban) in a statement issued from party headquarters on Friday.

They said that ever since the Aam Aadmi Party ministers, MLAs and workers started working for the struggling farmers as their 'servants', the BJP had been resorting to cheap gimmicks to target the party leaders, adding that the party would not be cowed down by the BJP's false bravado from supporting the cause of the farmers who were fighting for their livelihood.

The AAP leaders said that the Aam Aadmi Party had stood shoulder to shoulder with the 'annadata' of the country and not with a handful of corporate honchos. "We have been supporting the farmers' struggle since day one guarding their legitimate rights and that it was not afraid of the BJP's reprehensive acts"

The leaders said that India is known the world over as the strongest democracy, but ever since the BJP government came to power, it had been hell bent on devastating the democratic system. They said that the Union government was imposing decisions on the people by brute force instead of working in a democratic manner.

They said in a democratic system of governance in this country, people are within their legitimate right to protest peacefully pressing for their demands, but the BJP government, have been suppressing such rights of the people. Such hooliganism of the BJP would prove disastrous for the country and its people.