A state-of-the-art Cardiac Hospital opens in Mandi

Cath Lab to fulfill the need for a cardiac facility amid rising heart ailments in HP

A state-of-the-art Cardiac Hospital opens in Mandi
Dr. Kunal Mahajan, Chief Interventional Cardiologist of Himachal Heart Institute, Mandi.

Mandi, September 30, 2022: Amid rising heart ailments among the younger population, the infrastructure for accurately diagnosing cardiac diseases in Mandi in Himachal Pradesh has received a significant fillip with the opening of the Himachal Heart Institute in the city.
Himachal Heart Institute is a joint initiative of Dr Kunal Mahajan, Chief Interventional Cardiologist, Dr Sandeep Banga, and Dr Jandeep Banga, who are the directors of Himachal Heart Institute. The vision behind this high-quality and ultra-modern facility is to provide world-class cardiac care to the people of the region.
The Cath Lab is equipped to conduct various types of tests and procedures such as angiography, angioplasty, implantation of pacemakers, radiofrequency ablation, and others related to cardiac health. Himachal Heart Institute has become the first center in the entire upper North to install a highly advanced artificial intelligence-enabled cath lab. The cath lab is also the first in the state to be equipped with the latest imaging and physiology modalities like IVUS, OCT, FFR, and iFR.
Dr. Kunal Mahajan, Chief Interventional Cardiologist of Himachal Heart Institute, Mandi said, “The Cath lab was under planning for a long time and I am glad it has become a reality. Considering the jump in heart attacks and other cardiac ailments in the general population in the state, and especially among youngsters, the Cath lab will help in timely diagnosis and commencement of early treatment, thereby preventing many deaths.”
Heart attack, cardiac arrest, and other cardiac diseases have been a health concern for many years but were mainly seen in the elderly population until a few years back. However, there has been an alarming increase in heart ailments among the younger generation in the past few years.
“There is enough evidence to link the increase in heart attacks and other cardiac diseases to modern lifestyle. The young are leading a more sedentary life than a few years ago. The changed dietary habits, including consuming more processed foods, having more junk food and fatty foods, etc. along with lesser physical activity are also contributing to increasing cardiac ailments. Habits such as smoking and consuming alcohol are worsening the situation. Moreover, many people in their 30s and 40s are leading more stressful lives, which is also another factor in growing cardiac diseases,” said Dr. Mahajan.
Moreover, unlike many elderly, most people in their 40s and 50s do not undergo heart check-ups or health check-ups regularly, even if there is a history of medical illnesses in the family.
“A thorough check-up can help in early diagnosis of any warning signs of potential diseases, including heart ailments. The progression of most of the ailments can be checked by making necessary lifestyle and dietary changes and reducing the risk factors. This is why a full health check-up is recommended at least once a year, especially in those above 40 years of age. I am confident that Himachal Heart Institute will encourage and facilitate more people of Mandi and surrounding places to undergo check-ups for heart ailments,” added Dr. Mahajan.
Himachal Heart Institute has started Regular OPD, and cath lab services besides non-invasive facilities like Echocardiography, TMT, and Holter monitoring on the premises of Mandav Hospital Gutkar, and will provide the much-needed respite to the heart patients of Mandi and surrounding regions, commented Dr. Banga.