A nine-year-old Telugu girl Kavya Kompella sets an example

Pens a book during the lockdown, which becomes a best seller on Amazon

A nine-year-old Telugu girl Kavya Kompella sets an example
Telugu girl Kavya Kompella.

Hyderabad: A Nine-Year-old Telugu girl Kavya Kompella, daughter of Kashyap Kompella and Divya Kumar, currently a fourth-grader studying in SishuGriha School in Bangalore created a history of sorts. 
It is a proud moment for Telugus and Indians. She is one of the youngest authors to have a written bestseller and found a place alongside JKRowling (British author, screenwriter, producer, and philanthropist, best known for writing the Harry Potter fantasy series), and Rick Riordan(New York Times bestselling author of over twenty novels for young readers, including the Percy Jackson series, and the Kane Chronicles) in the Amazon bestseller charts. All of this is achieved while under Coronavirus lockdown.
The book was also among the hot new releases on Amazon USA, UK and Germany in the Childrens Adventure Category. 
Kavya Kompella authored the book, “The Three Adventurers at Fungalore”. She used the lockdown as an opportunity to venture into this adventurous journey of writing a 13,000-word book, which is about two children, Neel and Nina who are excited to go to their new school, Fungalore. The Kindle edition of the book became available online in July. And the rest is history. Her book has become a best seller on Amazon, according to her parents.
Kavya is a multi-talented toddler. Besides writing, she loves to draw as well and has won prizes in many drawing competitions. Kavya herself designed the book cover page and drew the 30 illustrations in the book.
The book was released on July 15th and for about 2 weeks was among the Top 10 best sellers on Amazon India Children Adventuresection. This it has achieved without any marketing. There were no other new authors or (even Indian authors) in the Top 10 list. The top 8 ranksare taken by JK Rowling, next 10 by Rick Riordan, and thenext 10 by Geronimo Stilton. This book broke through those ranks.
Fungalore is a new and notable children’s book for Kindle according to Amazon India.
“Three Adventurers at Fungalore” is written and illustrated by Kavya Kompella. Confined to home due to the Coronavirus lockdown and unable to step outside, Kavya Kompella let her imagination soar to new worlds.
The is about two children, Neel and Nina who are excited to go to their new school, Fungalore. This unique boarding school allows each child to bring a pet along. They quickly settle into Fungalore with their dog Nibble, making new friends, and are also thrilled to find a talking parrot, Chatter. The children tumble into a world of adventure along with their pets and enter a magical world of fairies, pixies, witches and wizards. Kavya has also done the illustrations for the book, which bring her imagination to life and take the readers along on a fun-filled journey.
Kavya’s fatheris aTelugu and mother is Tamil and they currently live in Bangalore due to her parents' jobs. The parents are naturally very happy about her effort and achievement. 
She wrote this book during the thirdgradesummer holidays which also were during the coronaviruslockdown. She loves to read books, especially children’s mystery, adventure and fantasy books. Some of her favourite authors are Enid Blyton, Jeanne Birdsall (author of the Penderwicks series) and Roopa Pai, shares her father Kashyap
We did not go down the traditional publishing route due to the COVID situation shares her father Kashyap. We have plans to go for the print edition, once the situation turns normal in the near future, he informs. 
The book has received excellent reception from young readers, grown-up readers and book critics. Book reviewers have praised the book for its writing style, humour, creativity and illustrations. “Young readers just seem to love the book, says, experienced Book Reviewer Usha Suryamani on Sulekha Creative”.
“Before going any further, let me state here that her imagination is awesome. One loves the small verses Kavya has coined, mouthed vocally by a pet parrot”, states Usha.
“It is not just a fantasy that catches your eye, but the scientific temper that laces the adventure. One wonders...one is stunned at the wild imagination of this little author as she writes about the contraption the wicked Wizard Vixil had designed in his world of Worgic and also the dialogues uttered”, says another reviewer. 
“Her language, style and flow of thoughts are amazing. Her illustrations are beautiful. One cannot but wonder at the sketches this budding writer has so skillfully threaded into her tapestry of thoughts. She is an artist in the making too.” reviews, a Delhi 10th grader Divija --
‘‘The Three Adventurers at Fungalore’ is an awesome page-turner written by 9-year-old Kavya Kompella. Kavya has let her imagination run wild in the lockdown and produced a great work of art. This book combines magical realism and sci-fi with a good old school life. What I liked the best was the whole world that Kavya established, and through her words, managed to make me a part of” she adds.