8-Years of BJP government ushered era of all round development: Shwet Malik

Says this journey has been to make way for India to be honoured as Vishwaguru

8-Years of BJP government ushered era of all round development: Shwet Malik

Ludhiana, June 7, 2022: “The eight years of the BJP regime in the nation has ushered in tremendous prosperity, progress and all round development for every section of the society. It has been a journey from “paper to implementation”, said Shwet Malik, a former state president of BJP.

Addressing the media persons at circuit house here today, he added that the BJP is a party which just does not make declarations of projects but is committed to implement. The achievements of the last eight years have brought the poverty rate from 22 percent to 10 percent, the per capita income has doubled from Rs 79,000 per annum to 1.50 lakh per year. Our foreign reserves have increased by two fold. In 2014 USD 300 billion dollars were available today approximately 600 billion. This is no small achievement, he added.

Further, he said that the education sector has been a keen concern of the BJP. In the last 70 years since Independence only 6.37 lakh primary schools were constructed but under the Narendra Modi Government 6.53 lakh schools have been built so far. India’s literacy rate in 2014 was 69 percent. In 2022 the figure is 75 percent. An increase of 6 percent has taken place.
Malik said that the BJP has played a sensitive and pivotal role in addressing issues relating to Punjab. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a special affinity with Punjab. He worked to open the historic Kartarpur corridor in Pakistan for the “believers of Guru Nanak”, abolished the black list of Punjabi Youths languishing abroad, and gave justice to the Victims of the 84 riots by opening the cases and bringing a logical conclusion to punish the guilty. 
He told that on providing good medical facilities to the people of Punjab an AIIMS hospital was opened in Bathinda, 4500 km roads have been paved by the centre. IIM institute in Amritsar, Delhi Khatra express, Medical College to come up in kapurthala. Under the Ayushman Bharat Health scheme which provides an outstanding facility of providing funds to the disadvantaged for medical expenses lakhs of Punjabi’s have taken advantage. The GST on Langar in the Golden Temple has been abolished. Anyone wanting to send money to the Golden Temple from abroad can now do it under FCR. Double dose of vaccine for corona 4.33 crore have been administrated. Under Prime Minister Street Venders Atamnirbhar Yojana Punjab’s 40,150 people have received 40.72 crore. 

Malik said it is pertinent to note that the Prime Minister has worked for creating an “image” of a successful and powerful India abroad. “It is for the first time that a Prime Minister has reached out to the world and projected India.