Author(s): Karan ThakurTaking a shift from the tedious and sometimes disturbing process of food ordering, the world of apps has brought with it the convenience that people ordering food always needed. Also, one thing with ordering food...


Taking a shift from the tedious and sometimes disturbing process of food ordering, the world of apps has brought with it the convenience that people ordering food always needed. Also, one thing with ordering food via an app is that there are reduced possibilities of errors involved in the communication of orders that you need to customize according to your choice. You can be assured that the order is customized in your preferred way.

This post is about 7 of such apps which offer the best experience, service, and comfort when it comes to ordering online. What more is that they come with various discounts and coupons like the GrubHub first order coupon that let you save on your favorite orders.


The app lives up to its name when it comes to customers experience of ordering food via the app. The app is available for Android as well as ios users. Some of the things that one can expect when using the app are a menu list of thousands of restaurants, small and big, in-app discounts and easy ordering. The app also waives off any charges of delivery that you usually have to pay without the app.

You can use Seamless to order food in over 600 US cities.

  1. GrubHub

To compete with Seamless this website is also both available for android as well as ios users apart from normal desktop users. To get all options for ordering food around you all you have to do is just enter your location on the app. The app will give you all available options around. What more is that you can choose according to your choice of cuisine that you prefer having or even by specific items in the menu (like pizza’s, burgers or pasta). The website has a special feature wherein you can save multiple addresses like your work, office or home which will make it easier for you in terms of speeding up the process. There are also GrubHub first order coupon that you can use to get discounts on your first order via the website.

With GrubHub you can access food in more in 900 cities.

The app/ website is free to use. There might be minimum order amounts or order fees that you might incur. You can use your Grubhub first order coupon to save up on your order.


The website of Doordash is not as big as the earlier two. It is available for both Android and ios users along with desktop website access.

It provides you suggestions as based on the quality of food, the popularity of the given restaurant, prior customer satisfaction and delivery time.

It provides its services in various US cities. The fees vary from restaurant to restaurant.


After setting its foot in the cab services uber has expanded its service in the food delivery sector. It is one website that has the widest reach. The uber eats website is different from the usual uber service thought the working of both of them is more or less the same.

You can enjoy cashless transactions and have the estimated delivery time not only of your ride but also your food if you are using uber eats app.

The website not only serves in the US but also many other locations of the globe.

The food delivered by uber eats comes with a delivery charge that you might want to look out for while you order.


The website of postmates is also accessible through android and iOS phones. It is different than most other apps on this list. The app offers you more than just food. You can get anything delivered from anywhere using this website, not just food.

Postmates does not partner with restaurants and thus your food comes with a delivery charge. The charges, much like the cabs that you order fluctuate according to the time and are usually high during peak hours. Postmates is also limited by your location.

To save up on delivery charges upon orders above $ 25 one can opt for “plus unlimited” feature of postmates.


Delivery. Com is much like GrubHub and seamless with some added features. The website not just delivers food but also delivers wine, lunch, groceries, and laundry. The website does not charge you anything for the delivery.

It serves in many cities in the United States of America.

The website is available to use for free but there might be cases where the restaurants charge a fee for the delivery or have a minimum required amount for orders.

The website is accessible to android as well as ios users.


As you might have noticed that most of the apps and websites on the list majorly work as middlemen who assist in delivering food orders, gopuff is inclined towards being a convenience store that is in form of a website or available in the digital format.

Gopuff offers you all your needs be it bathroom tissues, phone chargers, beverages or anything else that you may need.

There are a lot of items that one can get via this website. The website serves in various cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, Seattle and many more across the United States of America.

They also have plans to expand their services.

The website can be used by android as well as ios users. There is a delivery cost of $ 2 that one has to pay for using the delivery services provided by the gopuff website.

For all orders above $ 49, the delivery cost is waived off and the items are delivered for free.


Out of all these websites, the best recommended one will be the GrubHub website. The reason being so that the website helps you to search for food and order from wherever you are. It shows you those restaurants that are near your location. It also provides special discount under the Grubhub first order coupon.

You can make the app work according to your food mood by filtering options by the type of cuisine or the dish if the food that you want to have.

They also offer many special deals, access to review and coupons apart from the GrubHub first order coupons.

With GrubHub you can be sure to get exactly what you want.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019