7-day FDP Program concludes at PU

The valedictory session concludes with hope that participants will apply knowledge gained in FDP in their respective fields

7-day FDP Program concludes at PU

Chandigarh: The 7 Day Faculty Development Program on ‘Artificial Intelligence in Human Life’ organized jointly by Department of Computer Science and Applications and Human Resource Development Centre, Panjab University Chandigarh concluded today. 

Dr. Rohini Sharma, Co-coordinator of the programme  started the valedictory session by welcoming the chief guest Prof. Bhagwati Prakash Sharma, hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Gautam Buddha University and Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Panjab University, Chandigarh.  She shared that eminent speakers from institutions like Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, Microsoft Research India, IIT Roorkee etc. joined the programme as guest speakers.

Dr. Anuj Sharma, Coordinator of the programme presented the detailed report of the programme. He shared that the participants from various fields like Pharmacy, Mathematics, Statistics, Humanities etc. from seven different states have completed the programme successfully. The participants have given excellent feedback for the programme. Dr. Anuj Sharma stressed that indisciplinary research in Artificial Intelligence is the key to the future and the goal of the programme to sensitize the participants for the same has been achieved.

Prof. S.K. Tomar, Director, Human Resource Development Centre introduced the chief guest to the audience. He stressed that the Artificial Intelligence has a special relevance in today’s world. He talked about the state of the art facilities of Human Resource Development Centre established using funds given under RUSA and stressed that citing the enthusiasm of the participants, more such programmes based on ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and other upcoming areas would be organized.  

Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, Panjab University talked about the importance of Artificial Intelligence. He congratulated the organizers for organizing the programme on Artificial Intelligence successfully. He talked about the importance of online courses being organized during this pandemic and the initiatives taken by the government to keep the courses going on during the pandemic also through online mode. He talked about the advantages of organizing courses online and few questions of discussion as well. He stressed that there is always a resistance to change but if it is in the favour and for the upliftment of the society, the changes are accepted sooner or later.

Prof. Bhagwati Prakash Sharma, hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Gautam Buddha University shared that in coming future only those countries will survive and rule which can accept the importance of Artificial Intelligence.  Artificial Intelligence is being used in all the fields like manufacturing, economics, linguistics etc.  Prof. Sharma stressed that India needs to make its presence felt in the upcoming areas by developing the Artificial Intelligence based products in the country instead of importing from other countries. He talked about the applications of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Robotics, Agriculture, Performing Arts, Linguistics etc. He stressed that Indians should start working to make Indian self dependent in every field.

The Valedictory session concluded with the hope that the participants will apply the knowledge gained in the Faculty Development Programme in their respective fields.